Fun in the Sun at the Sunshine State Nats

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2016 USA BMX Sunshine State Nationals
Story by Heather Parker
It doesn’t get much better than October in South Florida. Cool mornings, and warm, sunny afternoons, at one of the most beautiful facilities in BMX, equated to an enjoyable race weekend for everyone. The near soundless Bensenk gate took a bit of getting used to Read more

Photos: USA BMX Fall Nationals

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BMX News Photos from 2016 USA BMX Fall Nationals

It was a great weekend of Pro and Amateur racing in Southern California last weekend, as the USA BMX Fall Nationals called top talent from all corners of the country–even with the Sunshine State Nationals luring lots down to Okeeheelee. We had great weather, if a bit of a bake on Friday and Saturday, right down to Sunday’s main events when the grey skies turned stormy and muddied the perfect weather weekend.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

As always, we’ll be comin at you with our recap, but as an appetizer to the details, here are the Friday and Saturday photo galleries (note: we did not shoot Sunday, thanks to flight times out of nearby ONT).

So, give a gander to the galleries, using the links below.

—Mike Carruth


Friday Photos – 2016 USA BMX Fall Nationals

Saturday Photos – 2016 USA BMX Fall Nationals

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Photos: 2016 Music City Nationals

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Photos from the 2016 USA BMX Music City Nationals
**Updated! Sat Photos Are Posted – Link at bottom** One of our favorite tracks to photograph was made even better for the 2016 Music City Nationals in Nashville. Music City BMX was treated to a moto-makeover that built up the turns in a big way, buffed-up the second straight and changed the thrid and fourth straights as well.

Friday’s racing posted 194 motos on the sheets for the three-day National, which was running at the same time as the Spring Nationals in Albuquerque, NM, and during the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships in Medellin, Colombia. But why hit one race in a week, when you can hit two? Just as main events were getting underway, the first wave of riders arrived on the scene, direct from their flights from Colombia–and ready to suit up for the remaining two days, and the first opportunity to run their recently-earned W plates.

We posted a 100-and-change photos from Friday, so give them a look below, and check this page for the Saturday gallery, available Sunday.

Follow @bmxnews on Twitter and bmxnewscom on Instagram for quick quips and sweet snaps in the pits.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s CompBMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Top Photo: Kenneth Gustafson (right #41), Derik Bergh and Olijuwon Davis (Left) Topped the podium in Friday’s Pro Open Class, in that order. For the first time in many years, Nashville is not a pro series race in 2016 (likely due to the conflict with the World Championships).

**Link for Saturday photo Gallery Below**

—Mike Carruth


Friday Photos: 2016 USA BMX Music City Nationals

Saturday Photos: 2016 USA BMX Music City Nationals

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Recap: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

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BMX News Recaps the 2016 Lone Star Nationals

The annual trek to Texas in the early Spring is always a “spin the wheel” proposition, from a climate point of view. Sometimes, the weather is perfect, sometimes it’s angry, cold and stormy, and there was that one time it snowed…with us without our scraper-brush, which we left back in Chicago, confident that we could fit one more camera bag, tripod and flash head in the rig if we took out all the “unnecessary” stuff already inside.

For 2016, the traditional, under-cover, Super Nationals in Desoto gave way to the fully-outdoor Lone Star Nationals in Pflugerville–just outside the Texas capital of Austin. Thursday’s setup, practice and single-pointer was all handled under pleasant skies, with temps in the upper 70s. But, overnight, one of those classically-Texas storms kicked up and twisted the whole place into a run-for-cover sprint for the most solid object one could find. Campers out in the back 40 said it was a “very scary” 5AM wakeup call to raceday, especially as the park’s lightning detector sirens wailed, then soon sounded the all-clear.

Twisted Ez-Ups at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

Friday’s race was slated to start at 1PM, but as a soaking rain fell all morning, that was pushed back a time or two, ultimately kicking off at 4PM. The slurry surface on the Central Texas BMX track held up well, and racing was under way with minimal mud.

Racing ran smooth on day one of the three-day national, and the only bummer was that the 9PM finish was an hour too late to catch dinner at the nearby Heart of Texas BBQ joint, which Track Operator Jason Crouch highly recommended (most of the best BBQ places close at 8PM on Friday–or “until the brisket is gone”).

Saturday smoothed out any ruffled feathers about the weather, with big blue skies and temps in the 70s, which continued into Sunday. Still, folks were recovering from the death blows dealt to their pit spaces on Friday, and parts of Factory Row looked more like a refugee camp than a brand-forward consumer hotspot.

USA BMX opened the day by inviting city and county officials out to see the festivities first-hand, and also to be recognized publicly for their support of BMX Racing in their community. We were very impressed, as one Travis County Commissioner took the microphone, welcomed all of us to Travis County, and spoke of the fact that, so often, people think of government in a negative light, with the perception that it is standing in the way of what we all want to do. But the Central Texas BMX facility is a real-world example of the good that can come from government involvement in projects such as this. The same commissioner also said something that we have never heard another public official say in all our time of hearing remarks such as this: “If you like what you see here, thank a Travis County voter.” Very cool, and let us thank you, Travis County, one and all, for embracing BMX Racing as you have.

Central Texas BMX’s hospitality was at full-boost on Saturday as some awesome live music wailed from just-off the first straight fenceline, and the ever-present waft of wood smoke stoked the appetites of BBQ seekers for a trackside lunch plate with all the trimmins.

The Lone Star Nationals was a pro series race, even though it fell smack-dab in the middle of two UCI BMX SX races (in Argentina and Manchester, UK). And while the Elite turnout was expectedly-low (16 Women and 14 Men on Friday, and 16/11 on Saturday), it provided an interesting peek into the classes when they were minus many of the the usual suspects who normally occupy the top spots.

Here are some of the action highlights from the three-day race:
Derik Bergh at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsA-Pro had more riders than Elite Men and Women combined in Texas. They put on some great racing for the fans, for sure. Technically, Friday’s racing was “Pro Open,” which allowed Vet pros to join in the fun on the day they didn’t have a class. After a three-hour rain delay to get Friday’s program started, Pro Open hit the track. Derik Bergh looked great out there, and won the top class with aces in all three motos, and the main event. Layne Gainer was second and Juan Marin third.

Maris Strombergs in his cowboy hat at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsMaris put the horns to the smallish Elite class, in Texas, with double wins in Friday-Saturday Racing, AND got an honest-to-goodness Resistol cowboy hat as a podium prize for his day one win. Yeee-haw!

BMX News Recaps the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsLooking the wrong way down the second straight on Friday evening. The track surface held up very well, considering how much rain we had in the early hours of Friday, and into the early afternoon. You can see that the inside heading into turn two (behind the camera) was the popular line, even with the inevitable speed-scrub that was guaranteed to happen.

Doug Crowell at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals“Doug-E Fresh” Crowell is a longtime friend of News, and was a Factory Standard pro until a tragic motorcycle accident in 2012 (on his birthday, no less) landed him in a near-death situation. He has come through the hospital stays and multiple surgeries, and has even started riding a recumbent bike again. Fresh was on-hand at the Lone Star Nationals to open Saturday’s program, taking the parade lap. We see him here, in the middle of the adoring and supportive fans. We were stoked to see him out there, and wish him the best in his continued recovery.

Maris Strombergs at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsYes, we had a photo of Maris already, but double Elite wins means an action shot is well-earned. Here is some first turn action, first round on Saturday. Elliot McGrath (left) took second on Friday.

Oldskool Sloan at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsThe dude commonly known as “Old Skool,” Scott Sloan took care of business in 51-55 Cruiser, with three wins at the three-day race. If you dare to call these guys old, you’re on your own; this class is no joke, with fierce competiton from gate to stripe.

Gavin Freewalt at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsSpeaking of triple-ups, this guy posted three aces on the 2016 tote board. The G-Man, Gavin Freewalt was large and in charge in 13-Expert, with Texas-sized leads in motos and mains alike. He even jumped in 13-14 open on Sunday and gave close chase to the almost-15, RadRo Jaworsky, who won it. G got the deuce, and bested a few friends he’ll be seeing in 14x, come Grands time.

Alec Bob at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsAlec Bob is blazin big trails this year, and is high on our list of picks to be among the tops in the sport in future years. The 2016 Collegiate BMX Champion came back to his home state and scored Saturday/Sunday wins in 19-27x, dropping the day one W to Josh Banuelos and scootin in for second.

Cheering section for new Vet Pro Jake Brown at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsFamily cheering sections are the best, especially when they come with some sweet handmade signs. “Uncle Jake” is Jake Brown, who turned Vet Pro at the Lone Star Nats. Jake made the transition in solid fashion, with a pair of 4th place finishes on the weekend.

Cristian Becerine at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsCristian Becerine’s air game was strong going in to turn one of Sunday’s main event. The jumps at Central Texas BMX were more mellow than the average bear, which is perfect for the local program they are working to grow. That said, there was not a lot of airtime logged on National day (there is a pro set in the third straight, but it was closed). Big C took home two wins toward his Vet Pro title defense. Javi Colombo and Larry Dardini (both also in this shot) were 3-2 and 2-3 on Sat and Sun, respectively.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Jack Bakken at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsCrupi’s Jack Bakken had a picture-perfect weekend in 11 Cruiser, with aces-across all three days. In 11x, he went 4-4-4. Pete Choat took the 11x win on Friday, and Chase Gunderson on Saturday and Sunday.

Amanda Carr at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsAmanda Carr has been logging more air miles than anyone else we know. She was in Thailand recently, then Argentina for the SX race there, then back to the States for the Lone Star Nats, now on to Manchester…and who knows where to next. Her video for Aquarius Sports Drink has 5.6 Million views on FB, and she will be talking with News about that deal more in the coming days. The trip back to the States was no waste of time for AC, as she booked two wins in Elite Women. Here’s a shot in the last turn of Saturday’s Main event.

Bobby Dellert at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsCruiser class was good to more than one high-flyer in Austin. Illinois hotshoe, Bobby Dellert was tops all three days in 14C. He also had some horses left for the expert class as well, with a 2-4-2. RadRo Jaworsky won 14x on Friday/Saturday and, Patrick Coo got the Expert class W on Sunday.

BMX News coverage of the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsTurn one was shedding its skin a bit with all the hard-charging laps the Lone Star Nationals was dealing out. Brooms were out there a lot, but there were still lots of pebbles to hit at precisely the wrong time, causing a lot of wash-out wipe-outs, especially when it was go-for-it time in the Sunday semis and mains.

Kye Affoo at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsThe Dark Knight from Down Under, Kye Affoo came out of nowhere to cast a big shadow in 15x at the Lone Star nats. He dropped the main to Jack Plummer on Friday, but was back with big wins on Saturday and Sunday. He also gets our vote for the coolest name on the sheets.

A-Pro Main at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsTurn one of Sunday’s A-Pro Main. Ryan Pettigrew (far right) led it to turn one, but Zaithyel Soekandar slipped into the inside, and rode Ryan up, over, and onto the infield. Juan Marin is second from left, on the inside, and on his way to vectoring-in for the lead out of the turn, ultimately taking the win. Into turn one, Layne Gainer was in last (out of frame in this shot), and Zack Van Kammen (far left) was in seventh, but both stuck the inside hard, and came up with major gains, putting them in third and fourth, respectively in turn two (Marin and Soekandar were 1-2 at that point). Gainer passed Soekandar down the third straight and it was sliver-close between Soekandar and Van Kammen at the line, with Zack getting the third podium spot.

Henry Chudzik at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsSunday’s 12x main was one of the best of the Expert classes. First, we have to call out props to Henry Chudzik (3) for a very strong 2016 thus far…dude has upped his game in a big way, and is solidly on our “most improved riders” list. He had a pair of deuces going in to the Sunday main, with Answer/Rennen’s Brandon Crain taking the aces. Sunday looked like it might work out, turnabout, but The Birdman rode the last turn rhythm perfectly on the far outside, and got Henry at the line for the weekend triple-win. Great racing, to both of you guys!

Eric Sweets at the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star NationalsEric Sweets and Drew Motley were back & forth all weekend long in class and cruiser. This shot, from Sunday’s Cruiser main, shows Drew on the move in the second straight, with Gorgeous George Goodall in his new Supercross kit on Drew’s starboard side. Drew made-good on the pass and ended up with a Saturday/Sunday win in 46-50 Cruiser (Sweets got it on Friday). Eric also got the 46-over Expert win on Friday and Saturday, with Drew picking it up on Sunday. We love races in “the middle,” like the Lone Star Nationals, because they bring competitors from both coasts to do battle in a way we may not see til Sunday in Tulsa.

Closing Thoughts
We had a great time at the Lone Star Nationals, and were thoroughly-impressed by the facility, and by the hospitality Track Operator Jason Crouch and his crew added on top of the usual professionalism of the USA BMX national crew. One way or the other–whether in Desoto or Pflugerville–the Texas race in the spring is on our list, in perpetuity. Especially since we have long-experience in packing long sleeves, shorts, rain panchos, “burner” shoes we can throw away, hail blankets for the car, and full-knowledge that the racing will be capital-H-Hot, even if the weather isn’t.

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo: Some classic Texas Longhorn cattle chillin in the Monday sun, along the Montgomery County backroads on our way to Monday’s Super Pump event at Rebel Run Camp. Moments later, the big dawg of the herd came along to run us off. Photo by Mike Carruth

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Check out the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals Photo Galleries, by clicking the images below
(will open in a new window)

Photo Galleries

Friday Gallery
Friday Photo Gallery: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

Saturday Gallery
Saturday Photo Gallery: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

Sunday Gallery
Sunday Photo Gallery: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

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Photos: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nats

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Photo Galleries: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

Every Spring, when we set the GPS toward Texas, the weather can be everything from sunny and 80s to cloudy with a chance of meatballs (which is what we got in 2013, with golfball-sized hail on Saturday morning in Desoto). Oh, and it snowed in 2012. For the 2016 schedule, the long-standing Super Nationals was moved from the Metroplex to the Capital City of Austin, and renamed as the Lone Star Nationals– an old time favorite in ABA lore.

Friday opened to a powerful thunderstorm that tossed factory row, and left dozens of Ez-Ups twisted and topless. Racing was delayed by three hours as the cold, soaking rain and cutting winds blew through, but the track stood up to all the moisture very well, thanks to the slurry top coat that was applied. Saturday and Sunday were the real prizes in the weather department, with brilliant-blue skies, and cool-breeze temps in the upper 70s/lower 8s.

This was a pro series race, but Elite turnout was expectedly low, with only 11 men on the sheets for Saturday’s race. Elite Women had more, with 16, and A-Pro was the big one among pros, with 24 on Saturday. The balance of the Elite talent pool was in, or en route to Manchester UK for stop #2 of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.

We’ll see this a few more times in 2016, as the normal stock of Elites are off in the far-reaches, getting ready for, or recovering from one of the UCI SX races, the UCI Worlds, or the Olympic Games. Things will likely return to normal after August, when we slam-dunk the final two pro races of 2016 (Louisville and Lake Perris), then head for TUlsa.

Amateur-wise, the three-day Lone Star Nationals had some impressive talent on the boards, with 193 motos on Saturday (157 on Friday, and somewhere in the 170s for Sunday, if memory serves).

We will have the full recap of the weekend’s action tomorrow (Tuesday), but as a tasty appetizer to Tuesday, here are the three photo galleries from the 2016 Lone Star Nationals (click the image to visit the gallery, in a new window).

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Friday Gallery
Friday Photo Gallery: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

Saturday Gallery
Saturday Photo Gallery: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

Sunday Gallery
Sunday Photo Gallery: 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

Check back for the full recap from the 2016 USA BMX Lone Star Nationals.

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Viva La Season Opener: 2016 Silver Dollar Nationals

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bmxnewsvegas16_1Story and Photos By Bryce Betts and Mike Carruth

The 41-day off season between the 2015 Grands and the 2016 opener in Las Vegas was a welcomed respite for BMX families from sea to shining sea. It gave us all some time at home with non-BMX family, a chance to tear the bike down and, for some, build it up fresh for a new sponsor. Here at the BMX News Global Command Center, we sent the Nikons for their annual physical, replaced some war-torn accessories, and actually got to unpack the go-bag, still holding remnants from last year’s Vegas opener. Good times…ready to do it all again!

As we always do, the BMX faithful come back together at the appointed place and time, but with new numbers on rider plates, some in new colors, already with eyes on that final lap, 321 days later in Tulsa. The new season is a blank canvas on Friday, and by Sunday it has some of the outlines of how the final picture will look. New friendships, new rivalries, secret plans starting to make their way public, and some new rules in the rulebook (more on that later this week) to enhance team competition, among other tweaks.

Vegas was the start of a five-race-in-a-row tear for BMX News, and we hope you’ll be keeping it here all season long for every bit of the Dan’s Comp race coverage.

Here are the highlights from the Silver Dollar Nationals, as well as links to the photo galleries and race results.

BMXNEWS16vegas2Elite Vendetta’s Jim Nelson is known as the “school bus,” and he took his class to school both days, with lead-rider calls in the 41-45 cruiser and expert classes. Nelson has always been known for sheer power, but after tuning-up his turning and manualing, he is becoming hard to beat. This showed on the results page, as Jim landed on the top step three out of four times, just-missing the win in Sunday’s expert main to his teammate, Charles Robinson.

bmxnews16vegas3Danny Ashbrook took home twin wins in 36-40 intermediate. Otherwise known as “Chicken Wing,” the Hesperia BMX rider flapped his wings in Intermediate for the last time, truckin and cluckin into the Expert class with the Sunday win. Danny also won mixed open on Sunday, and made his cruiser main both days.

bmxnews16vegas4Ssquared riders were out front all weekend, and 17-18x was no exception. Justin Richmond and Dustin Hammond swapped positions all weekend, each taking home first and second place scores.

bmxnews16vegas13Before mains on Saturday, Harry Leary surprised his longtime GF, Patty Mac Monagle at the finish line by proposing. Patty said YES!” into the microphone, sharing the moment with a thousand or so of their closes BMX friends. Big congrats to the happy couple.

Sophia Foresta at the 2016 USA BMX Silver Dollar NationalsFocus, confidence, drive and grace-under-fire. Here’s Sophia Foresta, out for a Saturday spin behind her new #1 Amateur Girl plate. No others in the shot means the lead was too big to capture anyone else. Chalk-up double wins in 15-16G in the 2016 GT kit.

bmxnews16vegas5Answer Rennen’s A-Pro Derik Bergh looked strong all weekend long. Despite holeshotting and leading nearly ever lap, Derik left sin spin city without a large check. In Saturday’s main, Derik lead the first main into turn two and slid out, completely mixing up the points. Derik stayed consistent after his crash finishing second behind Jacob Abbe (who won the overall) in the following two mains, allowing him to finish third. Sunday in motos Bergh was back to his usual up-front form, but come semi time a wheelie out of gate one caused him to get tangled in the back of the pack, ultimately leading to a small crash in the last turn.

bmxnews16vegas6The rider who always came through when it mattered was definitely Josh Klatman. As expected from a two-time Amateur Number one, he rode consistently every lap, and took his RRP Gates-backed Supercross to a second Saturday, and a 1-1-1 win on Sunday.

BMX News 2016 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

bmxnews16vegas7Brandon Crain is an amazing rider. The 12-year old Answer-Rennen rocket ended up with a double-double, winning every main event in 11-12 open, and 12 expert. Brandon has a style and riding ability far above his age, making him a barrel of fun to watch, no matter the size of his lead.

bmxnews16vegas8Corey Salas came onto the scene fast last year, and quickly replaced his blank uniform with a factory Supercross kit. Bill Ryan found himself a great addition to the team, who has continued to improve and always keeps a positive attitude, much like the other factory Supercross riders. Corey had some tough luck crashing in the Saturday 19-27x semi, which was eventually won by Justin Knapper. The crash didn’t phase Salas, however, as he took home a win wire-to-wire on Sunday.

bmxnews16vegas9Box Components recently added a roster of amateur talent for the 2016 season, including 8G flyer, Danica Anderson. Lil Avalanche had a great weekend, flyin the new Box jersey, and getting a double-double in 7-8 mixed open and 8 Girls.

bmxnews16vegas10One nice aspect of the national at SouthPoint is that it makes it easy to bring the whole family. The usual dirt and gravel grounds are replaced with a nice clean arena (small as it may be), attached to all the amenities you’d expect from a full-on resort. Yess BMX VP, Renny Husada took full advantage of this with his son, Jay. They had a great time, not only watching races, but also enjoying the pool, movie theater, and bowling alley.

bmxnews16vegas11With the BMX off season being so short, many teams are yet to unveil their 2016 uniforms. J&R bicycles had some riders in their 2015 gear, and their new recruits in the 2016 white and black TLD kit. We will look for all the riders to be in new uniforms at the Winter Nationals in Phoenix next month.

bmxnews2016vegas12Bryce Batten looked strong all weekend in his debut for the Factory Ssquared squad. Unfortunately for the new NAG 1, he and Markwane Billingsley tangled both days–in turn one on Saturday, and in turn two on Sunday. Bryce’s crash on Sunday was “the crash of the weekend,” sending him over the berm, right into a metal barricade, folding himself over the top of it at full speed. BB hit so hard he bent the metal fence, and was ultimately sent off on a stretcher. One video of the Sunday wreck has over 70,000 views and hundreds of spirited comments. Luckily, he is okay after the gnarly crash and keeping it positive, post-race. Despite the rough start to the year, we’re sure to see big wins in the coming races from Bryce.

bmxnews16vegas12Kevin Pauls showed exactly why he has the gold Box rider plate with a large number one on it this weekend. The Haro-Promax rider dominated all weekend, taking home two wins in open, and two wins in 16x.

bmxnews16vegas14A close-up shot for some close-order racing. It’s always razor-close at SouthPoint, which makes the racing fun to watch, and call out your faves. And the battle between Eric Sweets, and ‘TP’ Todd Parry was arguably the best battle of the weekend. Sweets would holeshot each lap, and try as hard as he could to hold off the highly experienced Parry. On Saturday, Todd got the best of Eric in both mains, making clean passes. On Sunday, TP also won cruiser, but the last-race-of-the-weekend, 46 and over Expert main was the exciting race to watch. Sweets led into the second turn, where TP went for the high low, but it didn’t quite work. They went into the last turn neck and neck, and both ended up going down, sequentially more riders crashed into them, and it left an all out, post-crash dash to the stripe. David Gattis ended up taking the win, while TP took home second, and Joe Blatchford finished third, running his bike in. Sweets stayed on the ground longer than the others, and finished sixth, but should be alright.

Closing Thoughts
It’s always exciting to see elbow-to-elbow race action, but it’s never pleasant to see riders getting hurt. We like it best when we see one without the other, and we know it’s a very thin line between the two.

Many riders left the SouthPoint happy, while others were simply looking forward to the rest of the season, taking lessons-learned back to their training days between now and the next trip. One thing that remains consistent with all the riders is that they know this is only the beginning, and the USA BMX season is a long one. We look forward to the rest of the season, and will continue our on-scene race coverage in Tulsa.

Be sure to visit the links below for the Silver Dollar Nationals photo galleries.


Photos: Silver Dollar Nats – Saturday

Photos: Silver Dollar Nats – Sunday

2016 Silver Dollar Nationals Results (USABMX.COM)

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2016 USAC Collegiate BMX Announced

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2016 USA Cycling Collegiate BMX Championships Announced

Collegiate BMX Racing is arguably the most promising facet for the life-advancement of our riders. Unlike the pursuit of an Olympic dream–where only five riders (max) make the team, every four years, Collegiate Cycling offers much broader opportunity. If your riding is strong, and those other “three-Rs” are also on-point, you have a shot at a college scholarship, where you can continue your racing career and get cash for class.

Since the USA Cycling Collegiate BMX program started in 2012, the program has been gaining interest and momentum among schools and racers alike. Household names like Justin Posey, Felicia Stancil, Tyler Whitfield and Shay Glynn (Above) have done well, linking-up their studies with their shredding on the track.

For 2016, the USA Cycling Collegiate BMX Championship will be run in conjunction with the USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals in Louisville in early February. This really is a perfect venue for the event; at the perfect time of year. To put the full-spread of opportunity out there for BMXers and their families, there will also be a recruitment fair on the Friday (Feb 5) to present the variety of schools who have BMX within their cycling programs. There are 275 schools nationwide who have Collegiate Cycling programs, so there is no barrier to you getting a BMX program started at your favorite school if there is not one already underway.

Here is today’s full release by USA Cycling:

The 2016 USA Cycling Collegiate BMX National Championships will be held at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Ky., Feb. 5-7. The event will include a collegiate recruitment fair on Friday with collegiate racing on Saturday and Sunday.

“Louisville is going to be a wonderful spot for the USA Cycling Collegiate BMX National Championships this winter,” said Micah Rice, USA Cycling Vice President of National Events. “Louisville is a great cycling town that has a wonderful history with USA Cycling, and having the championships at an indoor venue will certainly provide an exciting atmosphere for fans.”

The first collegiate BMX championship held in an indoor venue, the 2016 championships will be contested on the indoor track at Freedom Hall both Saturday and Sunday. Racers will combine their scores from each day and a champion will be crowned.

Marian University (Indianapolis, Ind.) is the defending team champion, and Olympic hopefuls Felicia Stancil (Lake Villa, Ill.) and Justin Posey (Winston-Salem, N.C.), both of Marian University, are the reigning individual female and male champions.

USA BMX last year awarded $75,000 in college scholarships to its college-bound members and is a strong supporter of collegiate cycling.

“We are pleased to once again have the USA Cycling BMX National Championships included in our national series,” said BA Anderson, CEO.

There are currently 275 colleges and universities around the United States that have recognized collegiate cycling programs. There are five cycling disciplines that make up the collegiate sport of cycling, including road, track, mountain bike, cyclo-cross and BMX. Collegiate racing began in 1987 and the first collegiate BMX championships were held in 2012. Louisville will be the fourth host city. Previous championships have been held in Chula Vista, Calif., Phoenix, Ariz., DeSoto, Texas, and Atlanta, Ga.

Follow @collegiatebmx on Twitter for updates to the 2016 program.


USA Cycling Collegiate Page

Photos: 2014 USA Cycling Collegiate Championships

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