Recap: 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

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2015 Silver Dollar Nationals Re-Cap

With the largest season opener on record, it’s hard not to have big hopes for the 2015 USA BMX National Season. Here is a photo/caption re-cap of some of the racing action.

But first, we asked Chandler Denton to give us some insight into his first weekend as a pro. Here’s what he had to say:

I just focused on one lap at a time, and my weekend got progressively better. The more laps I rode, the faster I felt. Dominating qualifying rounds wasn’t my focus, I simply stayed consistent and calm until the time came to flip the switch.

I was so pumped to snag the overall on Saturday. And as far as Sunday goes, I took a fall in the semi trying to seal the first turn holeshot from the outside. I was a little bummed, but at the same time, I realized that I did everything in my power to do what I needed to do, just made a minor mistake. But that’s racing.

All in all, my pro debut weekend was a huge success and I cannot thank the SSQUARED family enough for bringing my on board! And also Dan’s Comp & 100PERCENT for all of their support!

And also I wanted to say that although I grabbed the win, there is still work to be done with My trainer, Steve Norton, once I get home.

And now, some of the finer points from the South Point Resort:

Striders at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

The Striders are back for another season of USA BMX racing, and the talent pool is getting deeper and deeper every time we see them. When the three-year olds are starting to jump the doubles, you know the bar is being raised. Looks like Hayden Beadle will be airing-it-out on the pedal bikes sooner than later.

Eric Rupe at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

From the newest terrors on two wheels to the guy with more titles than the Duke of Edinburgh, Big Daddy, Eric Rupe. He’s rockin the Ugly Kid Clothing colors this season, representin for his son, Rocky. Three aces in Vegas is a good hand to have, whether at the poker table or the dinner table talkin about the weekend. The last race of the weekend kept the quad from happening as Eric Sweets and Barry Nilson got by to serve up a 3 in 46-over Expert. Above: first round of Cruiser on Saturday.

Jack Kelly  at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

Cannonball Jack Kelly is in new colors for 2015. And we mean that in every sense of the word. His new team, Full Tilt Bikes out of Minnesota, has a kickin new kit that really jumps out for the camera. Jack came back from Vegas with a pair-a-deuces in class, and a split 2-1 in 11-12 Open. We’re not sure what to call that shade of blue, but the bike-matching-the-uniform details are factory-fresh, fo-sho!

Roman Jaworsky at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

Rut-ro,it’s Rad-Ro! Roman Jaworsky took that black number one plate out for the first time in the new season–in his home town, no less. Along with the new plate comes a new self-branded team play, RadRo Racing. He’s on an Extreme frame with Speedline forks, and some other sensational stuff. We’ll get more on his plans and report back. Meanwhile, he won 13 Cruiser and Expert on Saturday, expert on Sunday, and almost hit the “4-aces club,” but for a sizzling lap by Hunter Brown in the Sunday Cruiser main.

Greg Hill at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

46-Over Expert is commonly known as the “Legends Class” these days, and here’s one reason why. Greg Hil (back on the track after a multi-year layoff), Harry Leary (25, top right) and Troy Daniels were all magazine cover kids in the 80s. Add in Billy Griggs, Eric Rupe, Gary Laurent and a heapin helping of other fast guys and stir till whipped into a froth. Saturday went Rupe, Laurent and Eric Sweets; Sunday it was Sweets, Nilson and Rupe, as we noted above.

Kenny Gustafson at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

We thinks this is first pro main on Saturday. Kenny G was on fire all day on his first Pro outing, and looked like a favorite to win it all, having aced-up all three motos. Kalvin Davis had three deuces going in, and won the first main after Kenny spun-out in the last turn. Kalvin ended up with fourth on Saturday, and KG with a snowman after crashing with Lee Lewis in turn of of Main #3.

David Maltezos  at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

Our usual “Double-Double” award is renamed the “Four-Aces” award for this race, and Davey Maltezos is the proud recipient. Exhibiting total dominance 36-40 Expert and Cruiser, David gets a $20 In-N-Out Burger gift card for use on his next trip West. Also redeemable for four $5 South Point gaming chips if you’re feelin lucky.

Jaymes Welch at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

Our buddy Jaymes Welch had the hurt put on him pretty good at the Grands–on top of a trip to the ER for his Haro/Promax sonny-boy, Jesse. But, six weeks of healing (and a self-confessed one day of training) put dad back on the track, and at the top of the 41-45 Novice class. Jesse is still out, but hoping to be back in the gate soon. BMX families are awesome, like no other!

BMX News race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Peter Choat  at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

Peter Choat was in Vegas, aboard his new Staats ride. Dude was rippin it up too, with wins in class on Saturday, 10C and 9-10 open on Sunday. The cruiser main on Saturday was action-packed, with Nitro Brody Cole getting by for the W. Here’s Chase Gunderson puttin the second-turn squeeze-play into effect. He got the 10x deuce on Saturday, and spun out in pretty-much that exact spot in Sunday’s main

Sophia Foresta  at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

Race faces don’t get any more serious than Sophia Foresta’s. Off the bike, she’s sweeter than a bowl of sugar and honey, with sprinkles on top. But gunfighter-serious as it gets when the gate drops. Und hence: twin wins in 15-16G.

Kevin Pauls  at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

Bubba Gonzales’ first lap on Saturday was so strong, we actually texted friends at home about it. Then there was Kevin Pauls first lap, four motos later. More texting. HOLY cow these guys are going fast! “Immovable object meets unstoppable force” fast. Kevin got the 15x win both days, and Bubba inked a turn one crash on Saturday, and a deuce on Sunday.

Jordan Miranda  at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

We have seen it mentioned round the social media universa that Jordan Miranda was off GT, and on to a second-time-around with the Clayborn crew. The Missle made his pro debut in Vegas, and got some of the day one cobwebs shook-out by the first gate on day two. Some very solid laps, and two of three wins in the main event put him on the top step for his first Pro win.

Danny Patterson  at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

There was a time when wins by the “Patterson brothers” would mean Brent & Brian, maybe one in Pro Cruiser and one in AA. In 2015, it means Robby and Danny, who took the cruiser wins in 21-25 and 26-30, respectively, on Sunday. Robby won it on Saturday too! here’s Danny, gettin down to it in the Sunday main event.

Patrick Coo  at the 2015 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals

Patrick Coo continued his booty-kickin streak in Vegas, with twin-wins in 12x, and an 11-12 open win on Saturday (didn’t race it on Sunday). He slipped nicely into the new Yess BMX USA Factory flav, fully decked out in the yellow & black. The above shot was from Sunday’s main and is a nice telling of how his leads were lookin all weekend. Jack Kelly was riding super-strong, no doubt. But Coo was in another gear.

We will have a bit more on the Las Vegas race as more re-cap tidbits flow in to the BMX News Global Command Center. So, check back on this page later today.

Meanwhile, give a look to the Silver Dollar Nationals Photo Galleries

*Editor’s Note: In the original posting of this article, we incorrectly identified Jordan Scott as the National Number 1 Amateur Girl for 2014. Apologies to Kelsey Van Ogle, who won the cup in 2014. Jordan is 2014 UCI BMX W1, and was USA BMX Girl Cruiser champ in 2013.


Photo Gallery: 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals – Saturday

Photo Gallery: 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals – Sunday

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Photo Galleries: Silver Dollar Nats

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Chandler Denton wins A Pro in Vegas

The 2015 season kicked off in the Silver State over the weekend–but not in the location we have all inked on our calendar for the past several years. This time, the Southern Route was taken, as the BMX universe descended on the giganto South Point Resort in Las Vegas.

South Point is the site of the summer race, so nothing overly “new” about BMXers and that place, but in winter–well, we almost typed “RNO” into variuous travel websites, multiple times.

This was said to be the largest season opener on record–with 356 motos on Saturday. A couple notable points, which we’ll cover in deeper detail in tomorrow’s recap: the Junior Devo class has been eliminated from the program for the new year. That is not to say that the Jr. Devo camps will be eliminated. Just that Jr. Devo will likely no longer be a separate class that anxious-for-the-supercross-props 15 and 16 year olds would sign up for. No final/official word on how the Jr. Devo program will determine invitations, but a few hints that it may go the direction that the girls program went a teay or two ago. That is to say: via points in the regular national program.

Also moving the needle in Vegas was the fresh crop of new pros for 2015. A rule change in the 2015 USA BMX rulebook states that when an amateur races a UCI Junior Elite or Elite race, s/he will be moved up to USA BMX Pro (or words to that effect). Thus, lots of guys and gals who want to take a shot at the UCI BMX Junior Elite world title in Belgium later this year would be moved up to Pro in August anyway–so are just getting it going sooner rather than later.

You probably caught the feature Bryce Betts filed on the topic last week. Well, turns out there were a few more on the moto sheets, com Saturday, than even we had anticipated. Tyler Whitfield, Chandler Denton and Hunter Pelham were all holding their own throughout the weekend. The exodus in those am classes definitely made it a little more interesting to watch–all eyes fixed on who would take the main event gate positions usually filled in by our new money makers.

BMX News race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Lots more to report, but they’re calling final boarding call here at LAS for the late night hop back East. We will have the photo/cap re-cap Tuesday at Noon Central, so be sure to check back for that.

Meanwhile, here are the photo galleries we came back with. Some great stuff to get the season started on the good foot.

Top: Chandler Denton (Center) wins his A Pro debut on Saturday. Teammate Tyler Whitfield and Supercross BMX star Kalvin Davis were also on the day-one square on Saturday.


Photo Gallery: 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals – Saturday

Photo Gallery: 2015 Silver Dollar Nationals – Sunday

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