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2014 USA BMX South park Re-Cap

For all the bellyaching we BMX travelers do about the weather, this past one was proof positive that Mother Nature can cook it up just right when she wants to. The 2014 USA BMX Stars & Stripes Nationals took their normal place on the schedule–first weekend in July. Read more

Photo Gallery: Albuquerque Sunday

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2014 USA BMX Spring Nationals Photo Galleries
UPDATE: We are currently on the road to Nashville, and are having some technical difficulties with getting the re-cap posted. We will post it as soon as we are able, please check back.

Three days of racing in Albuquerque concluded on Sunday, with some serious slice and dice in the main events. There were some impressive moves made by third and fourth place riders to take the top spot. Sometimes, that was done with an artful dodge of a wreck down the treacherous second straight, but for others it was rockin a better rhythm down the third straight, or setting up the mega-swoop in the last turn.

The Elite Men had some unexpected results too, with someone-other-than-Sam on the top step both days. Instead, it was a pair of Haro heroes, with Nic Long on Saturday and Kurt Pickard on Sunday. Haro also put the hurt on the A Pro class both days in Albuquerque, with twin-wins by Haro/Promax anchor, Rusty Nesvig–edging ever-closer to that “turnup” money number that will take him into the AA ranks.

For the past several years, the Elite Women battle has been almost exclusively between Alise Post and Dominique Daniels. In 2014, The arrival of Shanaze Reade onto US shores from her native Britain, and the arrival of Felicia Stancil into the top class has added some much-needed variety to the mix. Unfortunately, Alise has been out the last couple races, following a knee injury at the Manchester SX, and Dom was not in Albuquerque. The Saturday main was very exciting, as Shanaze took an early lead, won the Answer Holeshot award cash, and the lap to the last turn, where Felicia made the pass she had been trying to set up since just after the first turn. The crowd went wild! Reade won it wire to wire on Sunday, and Dani George made it through for the second, with Felicia in third.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

BMX News is readying our full re-cap of the weekend’s on-track action and passin’ time in the pits. Watch for that Tuesday morning. Until then, take a look at both photo galleries, complete with free downloads for your personal use on social media or to make small prints.

Top Photo: Shanaze Reade (GT Bicycles) in the final feet of SUnday’s Elite Women main event. Dani George (Supercross BMX), and Felicia Stancil (GT Bicycles) joined her on the podium.


2014 USA BMX Spring Nationals Photos – Sunday

2014 USA BMX Spring Nationals Photos – Saturday

2014 Spring Nationals Results

Photo Gallery: Saturday in Albuquerque

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2014 USA BMX Spring Nationals

Day two of the USA BMX Spring Nationals was run alongside the 2014 USA Cycling National Amateur Championships. Add to the mix the UCI Elite racing, and we actually had three races running inside the construct of a seven-hour race day. It was smaller than many folks we talked to expected, but said to be one of the larger Albuquerque races in recent memory. Frankly, we like the races that get us out at a decent hour, so the 193ish motos (counting all) was just fine in our book.

The racing was solid all day, but it was clear, even through the semis semis on day two, that even household-name riders still did not have the track wired. Many classes seemed like they were going in slow motion.

The roof covering Duke City BMX is something every T.O. should ask Santa to put in their stocking. It was a beautiful, sunny day, so keeping rain drops from falling on our heads was not a thing. But, with temps in the 80s, the roof kept the sun off the track, but let in a cool breeze which sustained most of the day.

If you took the average one-class rider who was racing the USAC race, and the USA BMX race both, a first round qualifier may have raced 8 laps today, instead of the customary three (assuming a semi). Some riders raced four classes today (20″ and cruiser in both programs), which made for a game-show like marathon session or going from finish line back to staging. We were getting winded just watching them.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

We will have a full re-cap of who did what here in Albuquerque, posted on Monday night. But meanwhile, check out the photo gallery from Saturday to see how it all came together.

Racing starts on Sunday at the traditional 8AM start time. We expect the race day should wrap around 2PM. Sunday photos will be posted Monday morning, right here on News.

Top Photo: Ryan Pettigrew topped the USAC podium, which earned him the latest “Stars & Bars” jersey, and also won 16x in the regular USA BMX program.


2014 USA BMX Spring Nationals Photos – Saturday

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2014 USA CYcling Amateur Championship Results (PDF)

2014 Spring Nationals Results

Re-Cap: 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

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BMX News Race Re-Cap: 2014 Dixieland Nationals

For many who make the trip down (or up) to Powder Springs for the annual Dixieland Nationals, it is a long-haul commtment. But however long you’re on the road or in the air, it always feels like home once you roll in to Cobb County BMX.

The entry lane into the park is lined with tents, and you have certainly said a few dozen “what’s ups” before you slip into one of their always-free parking spots (hopefully you’re early enough to get a close-in spot, because it fills up quick).

The track is always in top-shape leading in to the big day, and the first glimpse of that red Georgia clay set against the green trees and shocking cloudless blue skies really makes it one of those “it don’t get any better than this” moments in a BMX career.

Saturday had 252 motos on the fence (231 on Sunday), including six gates of Elites. This is the first time in a while that the Dixieland Nationals welcomed Elite racing to the program, and the stoke factor was kicked up a notch with lots of household names in the house to wow the packed crowd along the fenceline and in the stands.

Here are some photo highlights from the weekend (Photos by Mandy Loorham):

Luke Segal at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Luke Segal gets our Dixieland “Double Double” award, with his twin wins in 36-40 Expert and Cruiser. We’ll be sending him out a $20 gift card to In-N-Out Burger so he can chow down on a Double Double next time he’s out west.

Elida Beeman at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Elida Beeman has been on the Motor City BMX team the past coupla years, but got the call from Bob & David in recent weeks to come join the Doublecross Orange. Elida posted a very classy message on her Facebook, thanking Motor City T.M., Brad Davis, and her new team. She has a swell Saturday, with a double in 15-16G and 15-16 Girl Cruiser, but had a little kink in the system on Sunday, and ended up with a second in class (to Kristin Klein), and an 8th in the Cruiser main. Word is, she’ll have her new Doublecross built up for Nashville.

Gavin Freewalt at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

The G-Man, Gavin Freewalt, slippin into the glide path on his way to the first of double wins in 11x.

Shan Hatfield at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Hometown hero Shan Hatfield cruisin on in for a Saturday win in 41-45 Cruiser. Shan has been on the recovery trail since a bad wreck at the worlds last year, and another one at the Cajun nationals last month. He also got second in class behind Jeremy Thompson on day one.

David Herman at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

The Hermanator stompin toward home in the Elite Men main event on Saturday. David also got the deuce on Sunday, behind Maris. Nic Long snapped his “no main” streak in Atlanta, with a third place on Sunday.

Dakota Cody at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Dakota Cody gets our “Editor’s Choice” photo for this speed-style into turn two on Sunday.

Maliek Byndloss at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Maliek manhandled the A Pro main event both days down in Dixie. Tack on $1200 for the weekend in the march toward AA status on USA BMX airlines.

Justin Posey at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Along came a spider. Posey was tearin it up on Saturday, and made it through for second place in Elite Men, behind David Herman and in front of The Machine. A grarly spider bite put him in the ER for eight or nine hours after the action, and he showed up for Sunday with no sleep. Tried running the first two rounds, then pulled the ejection handle on the balance of the day. All the best to JP. That spider must be missin a few teeth after biting that AA leg engine.

Jeremy Smith at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Check out the burly lead Jeremy Smith has on the rest of the A-Pros this go-round. Second in the 33-rider class on Sunday.

Top Photo: Just a hella-cool shot of 14x doing their first round work on Saturday. Here’s Millard Petrona from Curaçao and Markwane Billingsley down the second straight. Colin Whittington won it on Saturday, and the guy getting some major props from BMX News operatives, Triston Judd, got the W on Sunday.

Erik Meyer at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Speaking of 14x, it has been many moons since we’ve seen Erik Meyer. He broke his wrist at the Louisville indoor race last year, and just when he got back to race form, had another setback at his local track on Super Bowl Sunday this year. Well, the injury slate is clean, and Midwest Muscle is back musclin his way up front. Scored a 4th on Saturday in his first race back in 14 months.

Felicia Stancil at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

The elbow-wings are out in the Elite Women’s main event on Sunday. Amanda Carr (39, in the middle) got the win on Saturday. Felicia’s on the inside with Shanaze Reade on her starboard side. Dom Daniels was way down the gate, practically in Tennessee from the looks of this shot, but made moves that got her on the podium. Final order on Sunday: Stancil, Daniels and Reade.

Kenneth Gustafson at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

Kenny G rockin some main event music on Sunday. With double-wins for Doublecross in Dixieland, Gustafson grabbed his sixth and seventh 19-27x wins for the 2014 season.

Ryan Barbour at the 2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals

And to cap it off, a little peek at a big lead in the 5-under Novice class. Georgia boy, Ryan Barbour has an iron grip on Sunday’s main event. Yeah, he won it.

A big BMX News “Get Well” card goes out to Tanner Sebesta. He has been making some serious moves this year, and the win on day two in Desoto set the table well for his trip to Atlanta. A wreck in the Sunday main took him down to the Soiltac. Here’s what he said after the race, via Instagram:

“Had a solid weekend both days ended up goin down in my final race. Sundays crash left me with a broken wrist unfortunately. Part of the process of getting to where I want to be.”

Our next race will be the 2014 USA BMX Spring Nationals (which includes the 2014 USA Cycling National Amateur Championships). That is May 16-18 (three-day national) in Albuquerque, NM.

Big props and tall thank-yous to Mandy Loorham for coming back with some great photos from the weekend!

If you liked our coverage, do us a flavor and share it out!


2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals Results

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Photo Gallery: 2014 USA BMX Winter Nationals

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2014 USA BMX Winter Nationals Photo Gallery

The Winter Nationals are always one of the best races of the year. It is generally the race where we start to see who is going to be the fighting force of the season, team wise. Plus, as the first outdoor race of the season, we get a first glimpse of who might be the stand-out riders of the year.

This year, BMX News contributor Tanner Yeager had the awesome responsibility of bringing back a photo gallery that represented the depth of the talent pool, in all classes. We think he did a great job on that front and know you’ll dig it too.

Above: Ryan Pettigrew took the win in Jr. Devo on Saturday, and in 15x on Sunday. Bubba Gonzales was first at the stripe in 15x on Saturday. Phoenix/Box has THREE guys in 15x, so we could not positively ID their guy in this photo, but we thinks it be Brian Ensey.

2014 BMX News race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp


2014 USA BMX Winter Nationals Photo Gallery

2014 USA BMX Winter Nationals Results

Our next race will be the USA BMX Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, Florids this weekend. Pro series racing, and temps in the low-80s will make this a great one, so watch BMX News for Story, Photos and quick hits throughout the weekend. ALso, follow @bmxnews on twitter for as-they-happen updates from the infield and pits.

BMX News Promax Top Story, Presented by Promax Components

Answer/Rennen Blazes at the Bluegrass Nationals

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Answer Rennen Bluegrass Nationals Report

This report came in the week after the Bluegrass Nationals, but with some jockeying around of our layout in the past few weeks, it got pushed out when we started “News Ticker.”

We wanted to put this report back up, because Answer/Rennen’s Factory flyers got down to some serious business in the Derby City.

Report by S. Macleod

Max Egdorf at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

A Pro Max Egdorf made his 2014 debut in KY, day one he was pushed off the track first round, but came back with a second and a fifth; this was not enough to make it to the main. On day two, Max made some adjustments mentally and technically and dominated the top class for the win. Great Job Max!

Brandon Crain at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

10x Brandon Crain made the trip from SO-CAL to our beautiful weather on the East Coast, Brandon showed the cruiser class what he was made of with a win in day one and 2 in 10 Cruiser. In class on day one Brandon got a little tangled up and pushed off the track in the main event. On day 2 Brandon finished a very decisive 2nd. Watch this kid closely, they do not call him the “bird man” for nothing.

Jack Kelly at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

11x Jack Kelly showed us why they call him the “cannonball.” On day one Jack was caught up in the crowd in open for a 5th place finish and in class finished a very respectable 2nd. On day 2 Jack became the teacher and dominated his open class for the win and in class, Jacks move in turn 1 was textbook to put Jack in the lead, but it was not enough to hold on for the win. Jack was able to make adjustments every moto to improve his position and if there was a day 3? I will let you guess where he would of finished.

Nate Coyman at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

11x The President from Cape Cod, no not JFK, Nate Coyman from the land of beaches and the best clam chowder. Unfortunately the weather has not been available for Nate’s usual training regiment and this prevented him from getting in the class mains both days. In cruiser Nate progressed to the mains on day one and day 2 for a respectable 4th and 5th place finish.

Markwane Billingsley at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

13x Markwane Billingsley, the quietest rider on the Answer/Rennen squad has certainly put his efforts in during the off-season. I think we will call him gate 8. But this did not seem to make a difference in his performance. Anyone who watched his mains would see Markwane pulling the entire field down the first straight by a bike length. On day one he got mixed up on turn 1 and pushed off the track. On day 2 Markwane made his adjustments and came out of turn 1 clean for the win on day 2.

Cameron Moore at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

16x Cam Moore fresh off his 2 Nag 1 titles for 2013 and his pull Magazine interview showed that aging up after grand’s into one of the toughest classes in the sport does not make a difference. If you look at the results of this main event this is a Who’s Who of BMX accomplishment and anything can happen. Cam finished a respectable 4th and a well-earned 2nd on day 2.

17-18x Justin Knapper (top) made the trek down from Pottstown PA, land of the famous trilogy park BMX track. Freshly introduced into the toughest class in BMX (in my opinion) just before grand’s, Justin has to be the most consistent rider on the squad. He will always finds a way to be in his main event with his clean systematic riding style. Justin has always been blessed with outside gates and KY was no exception. Justin was able to manage 6th on day one and day 2.

Derik Bergh at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

17-18x Derik Bergh has taken a recent long term vacation in Southern California. The great weather and a strong BMX scene has allowed Derik to pull out the stops and apply his work ethic and dedication to his training. His performance over the weekend was a reflection of that by scoring the day 2 Derik win in 17-18X he showed us what a flawless main event can result in. Derik took 1st in a field of extremely accomplished riders.

Patrick Parker Being snow bound up in Kingston NY with his “CHIC” has not stopped Pat from his consistency that he always delivers and his exciting comebacks on the 3rd and 4th straights. On cruiser and class Pat was able to deliver 4th place on day one and on Day 2 4th place in class. Great job Pat.

36-40x Dave Maltezos one of the newest riders to the Answer/Rennen squad, WOW, where did he come from, I believe the little state of RI. Well, now that he is on a team that fully supports his talents and recognizes his efforts, he showed us what the state of RI produces, an accomplished rider that came to KY and delivered wins on day one and day 2 with complete domination for the weekend.

Girls Classes

Payton Ridenour at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

11 Girls Payton Ridenour another newly acquired talent for the 2014 season, if you do not know this name I assure you it won’t be long, her results and skill will speak for themselves. On day one Payton had performed flawlessly in open and class until the main event in open where she took a hard fall while battling for first place. Payton was not able to return for her main for class due to the fall. On day 2 Payton sat out of the opens for continued rest and then went out and showed what she was made of and dominated the 11g class with a much deserved win on Sunday.

12 Girls Bailey Brannen our Florida native and calls Oldsmar BMX her home. Bailey was flying and putting more pressure on competition than I have ever seen. No matter what gate or situation was present to Bailey she dominated that first straight. Bailey was able to easily place 2nd and 3rd in class/cruiser for both days. This girl is tough and I am confident that by years end she will have found the formula for the #1 spot.

15-16 Girls Abby Macleod, Abby did not have the weekend she hoped for. The introduction into the 15-16 class was as tough as she thought it would be. Abby went on to a 5th place finish in the main on Sunday. This girl is as tough as nails, and I guarantee she will be back.

Cruiser Classes

Jeremy Knapper at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

21-25 CRU Jeremy Knapper came to KY and gave us a lesson on how to dominate the cruiser class, fresh off a NAG 1 title in 2013 he continued his reign in the 21-25 class for 2014 with a win on Saturday and Sunday. Jeremy’s reign will continue in BMX , but will his “Reign” continue as the “Dungeon Master” ? I think it will.

Watch for more Answer/Rennen team news in in the coming weeks, as we start the spring sprint with the Winter Nationals, Gator Nationals and Super Nationals.

Answer/Rennen Co-Sponsors: Answer BMX, Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Tioga BMX, G-Cog, Crit BMX, Fly Racing, Time2Shine, G-Form, Base Brooklyn and Pedro’s


Answer BMX Website

Rennen Design Group Website

Laissez les bon temps rouler at the Cajun Nationals

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BMXers at Coney Island Riverside

By Heather Parker
I was surprised by the slightly less than 200 moto count at the Cajun Nationals. Monroe is one of the best races of the year, and I was hoping for higher numbers. In addition to an excellent race venue, Monroe offers something for everyone. I’m certain the Duck Commander headquarters saw their share of BMXers, and we all contributed to put a dent in the local seafood offerings.

Friday, after a successful practice, we got our party started, joining friends and new team mates for a Mexican dinner. All seemed right with the world, as we anticipated our first national of the season.

In the predawn hours of Saturday morning, I heard him. In the grips of Montezuma’s Revenge, William lost his chicken burrito, his sweet face the color of glue. By 8 am we had sent a warning text to our TM. By 9 am, with no relief in sight, we withdrew him from day 1. So much for a good time.

I volunteered to stay behind at the hotel with William, sending Wyatt off to the race with good luck hugs and kisses.

Several hours later, after watching no less than 12 episodes of “Cops” with my delirious son, I was starting to go stir crazy. William’s team manager Carlos Perez (aka El Sexy,) and his wife Madeline, called to check on him, and offer some helpful advice. We were prepared to try anything to get the kid rehydrated. Their suggestion of Pedialyte saved him, and I’ll be carrying a bottle to every race henceforth.

After being trapped in a hotel room with a sick kid all day, this mom was ready for an evening out. William was willing to venture away from the bathroom, so we headed across the river to Coney Island Riverside in search of crawfish for us and white rice for him. Bingo! We found the food and the fun.

Friends filled our big table as pound after pound of crawfish were laid before us. At last it felt like a true BMX weekend. As the band cranked up, my feet began to twitch, and the dance floor beckoned. Unable to resist the Cupid Shuffle, our gang hit the floor, and Olijuwon Davis showed us that he has moves on and off the track.

The band slowed things down with “New Orleans Ladies,” and I was reminded of my age when the young people at our table claimed to have never heard the one hit wonder by Louisiana LeRoux. We sashayed out, our tummies full and our spirits lifted, ready for another day of racing.

William was back on the moto sheets for Sunday, and our weekend ended well. Despite the bout of food poisoning, it was a worthwhile trip. Wyatt, never wanting me to reveal too much, asked me not to spill the name of our Monroe hot spot, fearing it will be too crowded next year. The more the merrier, I say!

If you missed the Cajun Nationals, put it on your schedule for next year. Avoid the chicken burritos at El Chico, eat some crawfish at Coney Island Riverside, and you won’t regret it.

French Lesson: Can you translate the headline (without Bing translator)?

In Case You Missed It…

Re-Cap: 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

BMX News Promax Top Story, Presented by Promax Components

Re-Cap: 2014 Cajun Nationals

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2014 Cajun Nationals Re-Cap

The BMX News convoy could have just as well been called the “Quick-Trip Caravan” this weekend, as we blazed in to Cajun country in the dark hours of Friday night, and hauled (organic) bananas out of town, moments after the last gate on Sunday. All told, it was 25 hours in the car for 11 hours of the most prime pedal pushin on God’s Green Earth (this weekend, at least).

As we noted in our photo gallery teaser yesterday, the track was a crowd-pleaser, with a “U-inside-a-U” design. The first and second straights being the inside of the U. Out of turn two, there was a below-grade dip, in to the double that gave-way to the long third-straight rhythm. The last turn was a sweeper that held some dynamic moments from the first gate to the last, which made for awesome racing all weekend long.

Pit space was available inside and outside. Plenty of teams put down stakes on the grass, and among the free parking in the adjacent lot. A close-in parking spot was an easy-get, even after our Sunday mid-second-round arrival.

All this made for a very happy bunch of BMXers, complete with stories of crawdad and shrimp dinners, Duck Commander visits (3 miles from the Ike Hamilton Expo Center), and the resonant “quack, quack, quack” of the finest duck calls in the land in the pits, parking and vending area.

There was hella-heavy competition on the track, but the overall vibe was Southern-easy.

This was our first time at the Cajun Nats, and even though it was a haul-and-a-half from HQ, we can definitely see ourselves making the trip next year, if it’s on the schedule.

Moto-count-wise, Saturday was at 195, with 180 on Sunday.

Here are some of the highlights, and don’t forget to click-visit the photo galleries at the bottom, as we have free image downloads for all.

Strider coverage of 2014 Cajun Nationals

No, this Strider dad is not taking a cell call while his daughter is on the track. Texan Nora Flynn is blind, but participating in the Saturday Strider program! Nora has a Bluetooth headset under her helmet, and her dad guides her along the track using the paired cell phone. Amazing!

Chandler Denton at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Chandler Denton is back in a big way. Our Georgia pal had some setbacks after New Year’s Eve goofin ended up with a bottle rocket shot into his eye. If that wasn’t bad enough, just as the doc cleared him to start pedaling around on the street, his hand-tight front wheel came off, and he caught a chain-tensioner to the top of the head. All is well now, and he is back on the bike, and back in the mix. Saturday saw him leading some laps, ultimately booking a second, behind Tyler Whitfield. On Sunday, half the pack crashed just after the first jump, leaving the Chanimal with a seventh.

Rico Bearman at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Rico Bearman was tops of the 10 year olds, taking a double-double in 10x and 9-10 Open. Fierce enough to earn him a new award USA BMX is giving out on Sundays before the mains on national weekends.

Shan Hatfield at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Shan Hatfield was back on the track in Louisiana, after a long layoff recovering from an injury suffered at the World Championships last year. Shan the Man was looking his fast old young self, til a wreck in the first turn of Saturday’s Cruiser main took him down. He was DNS for the 20″ main, and we didn’t see him on the sheets for Sunday. Hopefully, he was just sore, and we’ll see him again in Oldsmar.

Crupi's Colin Whittington at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Colin Whittington cranked his Crupi to twin wins in 14x at the Cajun Nationals.

Brandon Elmore wins A-Pro at the USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Brandon Elmore was king of the Cajuns’ top class on Saturday, but had some strong comp in the persons of Will Grant and Lee Lewis, who went 2-3 on the podium on day one.

Lee Lewis wins day two at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Lee the Flea had his teflon fully in place on Sunday, as he made it through carnage to take the win in mains one and two. Elmore won main #3, but LtF had the low points for the overall. Alan Hudson and Olijuwon Davis occupied double steps for Doublecross with second and third.

Caleb Wall into the second turn at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Caleb Wall has been making some serious tracks in the 2014 season. We had our eye on him in Reno, and it seems the Texas Flash has been training-up and downing some Green Machine shakes, because he was riding with purpose at the Cajuns. A win in Jr. Devo on Sunday, and a third in 15x. Keep watching what this Amarillo slim has in his hand for the rest of the season.

Hayden Robinson of Ssquared Answer at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Hollywood Hayden Robinson is settling in to his new Ssquared Answer ride in fast-forward fashion. Railing the last turn in Sunday’s main event, on the way to a double-double in 12x/12c.

Charlie Golwyn at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Shock and “awww.” Charlie Golwyn– On the track: layin the smackdown, Stealth Bomber style, to all who show up. After a quick-change, following a fierce first-round transfer: a mild-mannered six-year-old, muggin for the camera and causing all-kinds of “awww” among BMX moms and post-K pretties in the Profile pit. Double wins in 6x.

Bailey Brannen at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

“Bad Girl” done good. Bailey Brannen had a great weekend in Louisiana. The sole Answer/Rennen emissary to the Cajun Nationals came up all-aces, both days in 11-12 Girl Cruiser and 12G.

Walker Finch of Haro/Promax at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Walker Finch, out of the first turn, and in command of Sunday’s main. Walker doubled-up in Louisiana. On Saturday, the Juice, Justin Richmond got the deuce, and Collin Schmidt hit the three-step. Then, on day two, it was Finch, with Doublecross dude, Chris White in the two-spot, and Justin the with the third. Oh yeah, and Walker aced-up on 15-16 open both days too!

Keep an eye on BMX News next week for Dan’s Comp-sponsored coverage from the USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix. Then we’re icing-down the Pellegrino for our trip to Oldsmar for the Gator Nationals, complete with full pro-series action, on the 22nd and 23rd.


2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

BMX News 2014 Race coverage is sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

SSquared/Answer/TLD Bluegrass Nationals Race Report

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Tyler Whitfield at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

The majority of the SSquared/Answer/TLD team was in Louisville for the 2014 Bluegrass Nationals. Everyone was looking forward to getting out of the below-zero temps to the balmy 32 degree weather of the Derby City. The team was representin well, with two tents in the warmth of the Kentucky Expo Center (to work on bikes and stage the grub for the riders and families). Another tent was outside with Johnny D’s dad, Marty, manning the grill. This is standard operating procedure for Factory SSquared/Answer. The cherry on top was the double skybox suite right next to the starting gate.

When you been in the sport for 39 years like our team captain, Jimmy Buchanan, you see a lot of tracks. This was a wet one. Well, not wet-wet–not muddy–but squishy would probably descrie it best. The biggest concern was Big B would sink his 200+lb frame into the dirt on the second pedal and flip over the bars. This was almost proven Saturday. Tires were aired up and some dropped a decimal or two (thanks to the Rennen Decimal Gears) and the kids hit it.

On day one, the track improved a little, but was still very Play-Doh-like. The track favored the power riders over “finesse” riders, and jumping / manualing, was pretty rare. Some bad news for the spoke blokes in 12 cruiser: Hayden Robinson will now be seeing you on the gate. Wisconsin phenom Ryan Zinzow took a header over the bars next to The Juice in full tilt boogie mode during Saturday’s 16x main, and separated his shoulder. Juice with the win. Zinny is on the mend and shuld be back in about four weeks. Earlier in the week he was in a car crash. Rough week for momma Zinzow. At the end of day one, the team came up short for the win on the Team Sheet. A decent showing but not enough for the W.

The 19-27 Expert class saw a new face in Louisville. Tyler Whitfield had a challenging weekend racing the new class. Something tells me this is a temporary condition. T-Whit did win his open class on Sunday for the Marion University Cycling Team.

Here’s the rundown of the Saturday main makers (in class order)

Drew Shockley (6 & Under Mixed Open) – 3rd
Bob Shockley (31 & Over Mixed Open) – 1st
Tyshawn Carr (13-14 Open) – 8th
Ryan Dreger (26-30 Open) – 1st
Kate Deters (13-14 Girls Cruiser) – 1st
Tommy Jahnke (9 Cruiser) – 5th
Hayden Robinson (12 Cruiser) – 2nd
Mason Kelly (15 Cruiser) – 8th
Jeff Deeke (31-25 Cruiser) – 2nd
Maddie Dutz (9 Girls) – 6th
Katie Deters (13 Girls) – 3rd
Zed Koch (9 Expert) – 3rd
Tommy Jahnke (9 Expert) – 5th
Hayden Robinson (12 Expert) – 4th
Tyshawn Carr (14 Expert) – 7th
Nick Deters (15 Expert) – 2nd
Justin Richmond (16 Expert) – 1st
Ryan Zinzow (16 Expert) – 8th
Tyler Whitfield (19-27 Expert) – 4th

On day two, it seemed strange not getting up early for the parade lap on Sunday. Maybe not doing the parade lap threw off the rhythm for the rest of the day. The track had hardened up a little bit and the gate was dropping early as always on Sunday morning. Brandon Ceslok managed to make it the main today. Most likely due to the track hardening up and Jim B limiting Big B to light supper at Chili’s. Big B need food! Zinzow and Colbon were on the injured reserve list. Katy Deters had one of the most exciting mains of the day, trading positions several times on the track. She ended with a third. The Juice took his second win of the weekend. He felt he had to double-up, since his image was all over the Bluegrass Nationals shirts, decals and trophies. His mom bought out the entire stock of clothing. Zed Koch had his best national finishes to date in the 9x class. A 3rd on Saturday and a 2nd on Sunday.

Here’s how the team ended up on Day Two:

Tyshawn Carr (13-14 Open) – 4th
Tyler Whitfield (17-20 Open) – 1st
Katy Deters (13-14 Girls Cruiser) – 2rd
Tommy Jahnke (9 Cruiser) – 3rd
Hayden Robinson (12 Cruiser) – 1st
Mason Kelly (15 Cruiser) – 7th
Jeff Deeke (31-25 Cruiser) – 2nd
Maddie Dutz (9 Girls) – 5th
Katie Deters (13 Girls) – 3rd
Zed Koch (9 Expert) – 2nd
Hayden Robinson (12 Expert) – 2nd
Nick Deters (15 Expert) – 3rd
Justin Richmond (16 Expert) – 1st
Brandon Ceslok (17-18 Expert) – 4th

All annoyances aside, a solid weekend of racing for the Ssquared/Answer/TLD posse. The next team race will be the Cajun Nationals in Monroe, LA in a few weeks. Be sure the watch for us there!

Here are the BMX News photos of the team from the race:

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Recap: 2014 Bluegrass Nationals

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Ryan Zinzow and Justin Richmond - USA BMX Bluegrass

Indoor BMX in Louisville has been on the road to getting it right for a while now. The 2009 NBL Christmas Classic was in the Broadbent Arena, which was definitely too small for our modern tastes. Last year, as USA BMX brought the February race to the Derby City (from Morristown), this time in the larger Freedom Hall (site of the 2001 UCI Worlds), and we breathed a sigh of relief with the extra elbow room. But vendor and pit space was stuck outside, and the reception turned a bit frosty. For the 2014 installment, the vendor/pit space was solved, with the expansion of the footprint into an adjacent, oh-so-awesome, granite-floored hall (with heat and all the creature comforts of home).

Both the 2013 and 2014 races had challenges with the dirt brought in for the racing surface. In 2013, it had a heavy concentration of wood chips, which made it tough to pack into the form of a BMX track. This year, the quality of the dirt was 1000% better–primo clay–but moisture mucked up the motobility. More on that below.

USA BMX seems committed to making indoor racing work in Louisville. We’re glad to hear that, because the geographic location and amenities the city has to offer makes it worth getting things dialed. Louisville is a good racing town, and the people are very hospitable.

The 2014 Bluegrass Nationals had 273 motos on Saturday, and 251 on Sunday. The centralized location made it an easy-do for drivers and flyers alike. We saw license plates from Minnesota, Connecticut and Florida, as well as bike bags heading back to California, Washington State and Nevada. A truly “national” flavor, where some riders who never “see” each other apart from Grands weekend get to do battle.

Here’s a photo/caption re-cap of some of the highlights. Check the links to the full photo galleries (including free image downloads) at the bottom.

BMX News Race Coverage Sponsored by Dan’s Comp (link will open in new window)

Top – Ryan Zinzow and Justin Richmond met in 16x for the first time in Louisville. The two Ssquared/Answer teammates are insanely-fast, and a pretty close race, as you can see. So close, in fact, that the Saturday main (above) had them in a type of BMX three-legged race, matched bottom- bracket-for-bottom-bracket, entering the second straight. Ryan was on the right, and ended up on the wrong side of the white line, sending him into the soft stuff, and down-hard, with a bell-ringer and what ended up being a separated shoulder. The Juice doubled the class on the weekend. Ryan will be back in about a month.

BMX News Coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

The dirt on the dirt. The talk of the town this weekend in the Derby City was the track surface. We have seen the so-called “Play-Doh” surface before–most recently at the last NBL Christmas Classic (Columbus) in 2010. It was a spongy clay mix that, despite extraordinary effort by the crew, never really firmed up to a hard pack. It was way better for Sunday’s mains than it was for Friday’s pre-race, but people were still twisted in knots over it all weekend. The culprit was the freezing-too-cold temperatures in Louisville that froze moisture in the dirt while it was being stored outside, then thawed once brought inside (more than a week in advance of the track build).

The USA BMX crew suffered as much as the riders in some ways, as they knew it was less-than-optimal, and did everything they could to remedy the problem–but there was just no hurrying the drying process along in the time we were there.

The racing was, more or less, in “slow-motion” for much of the weekend. The moment you stopped pedaling, you slowed to a near-stop. That made for slow-but-contentious racing, with leads changing often, as frontrunners ran out of steam. The program, itself, ran with the usual clockwork-precision USA BMX usually serves up. Saturday’s race ran about seven hours; Sunday’s, just under six.

Also, because of the consistency of the dirt they were working with, the crew was not able to build a traditional rhythm section. They opted, instead, for a combo of larger obstacles in the third straight.

Steve Buttleman at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Steve Buttleman, the official bugler for Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby was on hand to start off Saturday’s race with a rendition of the National Anthem. He also belted out a traditional “Call To The Post” to start the Strider races. Here’s Steve, snapping a quick smartphone photo of the Striders doing their thing on the third straight.

Maliek Byndloss at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Louisville was the pro debut for Maliek Byndloss, and he cashed top-step checks on Friday and Saturday. Answer/Rennen’s Max Egdorf is back from his Grands injuries, and prevented the triple-up by winning the overall on Sunday. Maliek’s 2013 National Number One Amateur plate never saw a single gate drop, and we had a chuckle about that after the race. The latest in a long lineage of never-run #1s.

Gavin Freewalt at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Louisville was the first race in the new Haro/Promax kit for The G-Man Gavin Freewalt. He left the cruiser in the stable this trip, and was lookin good on the spiff new sled. Got stopped-out in the Saturday Semis, but rallied on day two, with a second in 11-12 Open, and a third in 11x.

Spencer Cole at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Spencer Cole had a pretty solid weekend in Louisville, with a second in 12x on day one and a win on day two (and a crash / win in 11-12 open). But it was what he did after the racing was done that made our “key moments” list for the weekend. He and RadRo were battling for the lead in the Sunday main, and tangled just before the second turn. Roman got the worst of it, and ended up on the ground…

Roman Jaworsky and Spence Cole at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

…Coletrain kept it on two wheels, and retained the lead, winning the lap. Seconds after crossing the line, he ran back to the second turn, where Roman was still shaking off the digger, to see if he was OK. It took a minute or two, but RadRo was back up, and walked off the track with his competitor by his side. Coletrain did it because he’s a good kid, not as a “show.” He scored some serious good guy points with us, and all who looked on. RadRo won on Saturday, by the way, so the pair split the weekend’s 12x wins.

Rob McAllister at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

BlackCrown bossman Rob McAllister suffered a broken hand and a concussion at the Grands, just 10 weeks ago, but was back on the bike at the Bluegrass Nats, and put some passion to the pedals. Pair of aces for King of the ‘Crown in 46-50 Cruiser.

Aram Schwinn at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

After winning 12x at the Grands, Aram Schwinn brought some serious fast to the 13 yr old classes in Louisville. He won 13 Cruiser both days, and took second in 13x both days (to Haro/Promax heavy-hitter, Bryant White on Saturday and Answer/Rennen rocker Markwane Billingsley on Sunday).

Payton Ridenour at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

First time out in the new Answer/Rennen kit for P-Nut Ridenour. Her and Leyna Jones (who was also in new sponsor colors in Louisville, for Phoenix/Box) were in separate motos both days, and Girl class watchers were ready for a clash-of-the-titans type showdown in the main. Payton crashed hard in the 11-12 Mixed Open main on Saturday, causing her to sit out the 11G main. Win to Jones on Day one. On Sunday, Payton came back to take the “W” in the class main, with Leyna in second.

Pete Choat at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Pete Choat gave 9x a whoopin on Saturday, but laid it down in turn two of Sunday’s main event.

Kevin Pauls at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

Kevin Pauls hauls the mail in 14x, delivering four aces back to Simi Valley (13-14 Open x 2 as well).

Kenneth Gustafson at the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

As you might expect, 19-27x was turbocharged, with nitrous, topped with plutonium sprinkles. This guy was the atomic dog both days– Doublecross Bikes baller, Kenneth Gustafson. Dude designs a pretty mean number plate too #234designs

BMX News Coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals

If you find a horseshoe in your BMX dirt, is that good luck or bad luck? Supposedly, this one is going back to the Alpine villa of a guy who makes his own luck–Alberto Ciari, himself.

As Freedom Hall emptied out on Sunday, the talk of the mushy track was fading, in favor of a “hey, less-than-perfect track, but a great weekend of racing” vibe. Every BMXer carries stories of the mud races, the time the power went out and we raced the mains at midnight, and the time a tornado ripped through the city during the semis, causing the announcer to scream “RUN!…NOW!”

The “perfect” races might be remembered for the moment, but the ones were things went less-than-optimal are sometimes the ones we REALLY remember.

Believe it or not, we’re back in Louisville next week for the 2014 USA BMX Summit. This is where all the new plans and ideas come together for next year, and we’re excited to be bringing you all the details–stay tuned for more beginning next Thursday (February 20).

BMX News Race Coverage Sponsored by Dan’s Comp (link will open in new window)


2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals – Day One Photo Gallery

2014 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals – Day Two Photo Gallery

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