Factory BlackCrown Nashville Report

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Luke Segal pulled a double double in Nashville

Nashville, the home of country music and also home to Music City BMX, which is known for it’s super fast and super big first straight. Thomas Petillo and the Music City BMX crew had been working for weeks on the track and preparing the area located in Hamilton Creek park for the weekend. Read more

Answer-Rennen 2014 Music City Nationals Report

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2014 Answer Rennen Nashville Report

By Glen Knapper – The next stop on the Answer-Rennen schedule was the “Home of Country Music,” Nashville Tennessee. The first straight drag strip is one of the first things you notice when you pull up to the spectacular Music City BMX track which is situated in the beautiful Hamilton Creek Park. Read more

2014 Music City Nationals – Full Photo Set

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2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals Photos

Before we set sail for home this morning, we wanted to get a final post from Nashville on the wires. All three days at the Music City Nationals provided great action, and a perfect setting for us to do what we love doing most–capturing images of the real and the raw on the race track, and bringing them back to you.

In all, there are 400 images that made the cut (out of about 500 total), with good representation of all classes that worked hard to take home the high-hardware from Nashville–from the youngest Novices, on up to Maris Strombergs and Mariana Pajon’s double wins in the Elite classes.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp


2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Friday Photo Gallery

2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Saturday Photo Gallery

2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Sunday Photo Gallery

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Photos: Music City Nationals Day One

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Maris Strombergs and Connor Fields at the 2014 Music City Nationals

Day one of the 2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals was sunny and steamy, on and off the track. Great weather, and bar to bar racing was in effect from the first Strider moto to the finalmain event of the day, which was decided in the final feet after John Pringle’s last turn charge to take home the win.

With 274 motos on the boards (including seven racks of Elite Men & Women), the race day was long–about 8 and a half hours, but folks were up & at it early, early for Day two (as evidenced by the scooter slam happening outside our motel door at 6:30AM). Sunday morning saw a 30 minute spell of rain, but it moved out quick, and skies cleared, giving way to what looks like another great day of racing in the Music City.

Saturday’s Pro racing had a lot to keep fans on the fenceline. Sam Willoughby missed qualifying, with a fifth in the semi–which wouldn’t really be noteworthy if it weren’t Sam. In the main, Maris and Connor (above) had the lead from the bottom of the first straight, and Kurt Pickard was a solid third into turn two, when his back wheel broke loose, and he spun into the asphalt, giving Logan Collins the perfect opportunity to take up the three spot. This was Logan’s first Elite Main event appearance, in front of his home crowd. How could it be more perfect for him?

In Elite Women, it was Mariana all the way for the win, with Don Daniels back on the podium in second. Brooke Crain had a great trip, and was in for the thiree spot.

We’re stoked for Rusty Nesvig–his win on Saturday put him over the top of the $4,000 needed to move up to AA (being 20 years old, he could have raced UCI Elite anyway, but any points earned would not have counted toward the USA BMX AA Pro class, or allow him to race the top class when it is USA BMX Pro and not UCI Elite). Jeremy Smith and Olijuwon Davis joined Rusty on the podium.

There were a fair amount of wrecks on Saturday, so we’re sending out a big BMX News get well card to the five or six riders we know of who won’t be suiting up today. Day two is usually better in that regard, as people learn to throttle it back, instead of going all wango-tango down the maineater first straight.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Welp, Sunday racing is underway, so we’d better beat feet out to the track and light this candle for day two. Watch for Day two photos Monday morning, and our Music City race re-cap on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Check out the 255 photo gallery from Saturday’s racing.


2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Saturday Photo Gallery

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Photos: Music City Pro Practice

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2014 Music City Nationals

Nashville, TN is the center of the BMX universe this weekend, as the annual USA BMX Music City Nationals kicks off tomorrow. This year’s race is a two-day affair (it was three days last year, as host to the USA Cycling Amateur Championships), and our quick, unscientific parking lot spot check shows license plates from as far away as Colorado, Massachusetts, Lousiana, Florida and even some Californians making the drive.

News is on day eight of our “Westward” tour, which took us to Albuquerque last week, then on an 18-hour hop East to Nashville by Tuesday night. Cooled-off hotspots, dead hotel Internet, and closed-for-water-outage Starbucks locations have all conspired to keep us from getting our ABQ re-cap posted. But, never fear, it IS coming. Think of it this way, if we were in print, like the old days, you’d still have another seven weeks to wait.

Today’s pro practice brought out some of the names we’ll see on the sheets in the top classes this weekend (though some are reportedly still inbound). Albuquerque winners Nic Long and Kurt Pickard (above) are here, as is Sam Willoughby, Maris Strombergs and David Herman–so is Connor Fields, who wasn’t in Albuquerque–plus a “cast of dozens” more. We saw Shanaze Reade in practice, but not Felicia or Dom, so something new could be at hand in terms of a clash of “unusual suspects” in Elite Women. SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: Felicia, Dom and Mariana are all here, so double-stack the action!

We heard the pre-race was 88(!) motos Friday night, so that could mean a Saturday count of 220 or so, based on one of the many formulas we apply to predict these things. Some here think it will edge more toward 300, so we’ll see who’s right, and shame the loser appropriately and mercilessly.

Saturday’s weather looks good–cooler than today’s 85–and dry. Sunday is too soon to tell on the preciptiation front, with storm clouds on some forecasts after 12 Noon.

As we reported in our Throwback Thursday piece, the track is in tip-top shape, with a fresh topper of asphalt on the first turn, as well as some nipping and tucking where needed. The youngins are having a great time skying over the first-straight table, and it will be interesting to see how many 12-unders bring their pilot’s license to first round tomorrow.

We popped off a few dozen frames in pro practice tonight (link below). That shooting-down-the-first-straight angle is one of our favoritist shooting spots on the whole USA BMX tour, and we just didn’t want to shoot anywhere else in the 30 minute practice today. But still, some rad shots for OUR warm up day. We’ll be getting all around that place the rest of the weekend.

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

BMX News coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals continues tomorrow with tweets from the infield (follow @bmxnews), and Saturday photos posted Sunday morning. Meanwhile, check out the Friday pro set.


Photo Gallery: 2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Friday

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Throwback: Murray World Cup – Nashville

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BMX News Throwback: 1983 Murray World Cup

One of the races of the 80s-era that almost everyone can say “Oh yeah, I was there” is the 1983 Murray World Cup. Murray was getting in to BMX in a big way back then, and was based in Brentwood, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. Fitting, then, for their second World Cup race to be hosted at their local track–the very same we’ll be visiting this weekend. Trivia: the 1982 World Cup was held in conjunction with the World’s Fair in Knoxville.

We thought we’d bundle up this coverage from the October 1983 issue of BMX Action as a little pre-race throwback. You can definitely make out some of the track features, even on the mellow 80s layout (most notably, into the first turn, and midway down the second straight).

In combing over the results, I was surprised not to see any names that we might see this weekend–with the exception of Eric Rupe. Though, on page four of the PDF (link below), we see a 14-year old Billy Griggs (whom we saw in Albuquerque last week, making a comeback in the 41-45 Expert class. Wowza!).

We love digging out the old, dusty BMXA issues to check out the coverage we were glued to back in the day. Bob Osborn and the Wizard Publications crew were at full-boost during this time in the magazine’s history.

Here’s Music City BMX, as it looks today (well, yesterday, really), getting prettied up for this weekend’s Music City Nationals. A few changes to the track since last year (steeper starting hill, new gate, resurfacing of the first turn, and some second-straight work).
Music City BMX 2014, via
Jason Carnes, Nick Fox and Lain Van Ogle will be doing a clinic out at the track tonight from 3PM-5PM for anyone wanting to get some early track time. Show up with $30, and you’re in.

BMX News coverage of the 2014 USA BMX Music City Nationals starts Friday, and continues all weekend, both here on the website, and via Twitter (@bmxnews). Be sure to check back for story, photos and “hotpoints.”

—Mike Carruth

BMX News 2014 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Top Photo and PDF Copyright Wizard Publications, Inc. Used with permission.


Download Murray World Cup Coverage