Tyler Whitfield Wins Cajun Nats Photo Dash

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Tyler Whitfield - Winner BMX News Photo Trophy Dash

The BMX News Photo Trophy Dash for the 2014 Cajun Nationals is complete. With five full days of voting and over 650 likes on the eight finalists, it was fun watching how the votes were going.

Tyler Whitfield of Ssquared Answer won the dash with 219 likes. That means he gets a 20×30 canvas print of the above photo. Adrian Sanders from Leawood, Kansas was one of the fans who liked the winning photo, and we drew her name at random to receive a $50 Dan’s Comp gift card. Congrats Tyler and Adrian!

Tyler told “News”
“I want to thank all the friends, fans, and family who shared and liked my photo for the Trophy Dash! Big thanks to my mom Delores for tagging every friend on her friends list and Mike Carruth for putting me in the contest! I can’t wait to see how the picture looks on the canvas. Thanks again to everyone.”

About the Photo:
It was captured in the 17-18x Semi on Saturday. Most of the shots that ultimately make it to the Photo Trophy Dash are “Naturals,” meaning I pretty much know as soon as I look at the LCD on the back of the camera that it is one of “those” photos that will either make it in to our race coverage, or the Photo Trophy Dash (if we have one).

Those who know me know I love shooting indoors, and that jump on the last straight was perfect for great action. The shot of Derrick Blackmore in this Trophy Dash was also shot on that jump. I love me some nice motion blur, but the eyes have to be sharp to make the cut. In this case, Tyler’s determined, “eyes-on-the-prize” expression was nice and sharp, with plenty of action blur to tell the story of speed, with or without a caption.

What is a “Trophy Dash?”
Trophy dashes have a long and rich history in BMX Racing. In the early years of the sport, the winners of the pro, top expert and open classes would meet again for one final lap (the last race of the day, usually), and race for the overall title of “Trophy Dash Winner.” This was the “winner among winners.” In fact, the very first BMX Racing World Champion was decided when Anthony Sewell won the 14-Over Trophy Dash at the Jag World Championships in 1978.

Keep an eye out for more Photo Trophy Dashes in the coming months.

—Mike Carruth

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Vote Now in the Cajun Nats Photo Trophy Dash

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Vote in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Its been a while since we have run a BMX News Photo Trophy Dash. But the photos from the Cajun Nationals were especially well-received by the fans, so we just had to gate-up the top eight images from the weekend, and have a sprint-to-the-finish of Facebook likes, to see who gets the coveted people’s choice award.

Of the eight images in the group, the one that gets the most Facebook likes by 5PM Central Time on Monday, March 17 will win a 30×20 canvas print of the winning image for the rider named in the caption.

Also, one luck liker of the winning image will receive a $50 gift card to Dan’s Comp.

So, take a gander at the top shots below, click the link at the bottom to vote for your favorites, and ring up some friends to do the same.

John Anderson of ORP in the Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash

John Anderson of ORP/Rickard Bikes

Olijuwon Davis of Doublecross Bikes in the Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash

Olijuwon Davis of Doublecross Bikes

Ashlee Hill of CCH Bicycles in the Cajun Nationals Photo Trophy Dash

Ashlee Hill of CCH Bicycles

Vote Derrik Blackmore in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Derrik Blackmore of Phoenix/Box

Vote Tyler Whitfield in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Tyler Whitfield of Ssquared/Answer

Vote Brandon Ceslok in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Walker Finch of Haro/Promax

Vote Brandon Ceslok in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Brandon Ceslok of Ssquared/Answer

Vote Alec Nesbitt in the 2014 Cajun National Photo Trophy Dash

Alec Nesbitt of Lindsey Wilson Cycling

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Laissez les bon temps rouler at the Cajun Nationals

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BMXers at Coney Island Riverside

By Heather Parker
I was surprised by the slightly less than 200 moto count at the Cajun Nationals. Monroe is one of the best races of the year, and I was hoping for higher numbers. In addition to an excellent race venue, Monroe offers something for everyone. I’m certain the Duck Commander headquarters saw their share of BMXers, and we all contributed to put a dent in the local seafood offerings.

Friday, after a successful practice, we got our party started, joining friends and new team mates for a Mexican dinner. All seemed right with the world, as we anticipated our first national of the season.

In the predawn hours of Saturday morning, I heard him. In the grips of Montezuma’s Revenge, William lost his chicken burrito, his sweet face the color of glue. By 8 am we had sent a warning text to our TM. By 9 am, with no relief in sight, we withdrew him from day 1. So much for a good time.

I volunteered to stay behind at the hotel with William, sending Wyatt off to the race with good luck hugs and kisses.

Several hours later, after watching no less than 12 episodes of “Cops” with my delirious son, I was starting to go stir crazy. William’s team manager Carlos Perez (aka El Sexy,) and his wife Madeline, called to check on him, and offer some helpful advice. We were prepared to try anything to get the kid rehydrated. Their suggestion of Pedialyte saved him, and I’ll be carrying a bottle to every race henceforth.

After being trapped in a hotel room with a sick kid all day, this mom was ready for an evening out. William was willing to venture away from the bathroom, so we headed across the river to Coney Island Riverside in search of crawfish for us and white rice for him. Bingo! We found the food and the fun.

Friends filled our big table as pound after pound of crawfish were laid before us. At last it felt like a true BMX weekend. As the band cranked up, my feet began to twitch, and the dance floor beckoned. Unable to resist the Cupid Shuffle, our gang hit the floor, and Olijuwon Davis showed us that he has moves on and off the track.

The band slowed things down with “New Orleans Ladies,” and I was reminded of my age when the young people at our table claimed to have never heard the one hit wonder by Louisiana LeRoux. We sashayed out, our tummies full and our spirits lifted, ready for another day of racing.

William was back on the moto sheets for Sunday, and our weekend ended well. Despite the bout of food poisoning, it was a worthwhile trip. Wyatt, never wanting me to reveal too much, asked me not to spill the name of our Monroe hot spot, fearing it will be too crowded next year. The more the merrier, I say!

If you missed the Cajun Nationals, put it on your schedule for next year. Avoid the chicken burritos at El Chico, eat some crawfish at Coney Island Riverside, and you won’t regret it.

French Lesson: Can you translate the headline (without Bing translator)?

In Case You Missed It…

Re-Cap: 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

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Re-Cap: 2014 Cajun Nationals

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2014 Cajun Nationals Re-Cap

The BMX News convoy could have just as well been called the “Quick-Trip Caravan” this weekend, as we blazed in to Cajun country in the dark hours of Friday night, and hauled (organic) bananas out of town, moments after the last gate on Sunday. All told, it was 25 hours in the car for 11 hours of the most prime pedal pushin on God’s Green Earth (this weekend, at least).

As we noted in our photo gallery teaser yesterday, the track was a crowd-pleaser, with a “U-inside-a-U” design. The first and second straights being the inside of the U. Out of turn two, there was a below-grade dip, in to the double that gave-way to the long third-straight rhythm. The last turn was a sweeper that held some dynamic moments from the first gate to the last, which made for awesome racing all weekend long.

Pit space was available inside and outside. Plenty of teams put down stakes on the grass, and among the free parking in the adjacent lot. A close-in parking spot was an easy-get, even after our Sunday mid-second-round arrival.

All this made for a very happy bunch of BMXers, complete with stories of crawdad and shrimp dinners, Duck Commander visits (3 miles from the Ike Hamilton Expo Center), and the resonant “quack, quack, quack” of the finest duck calls in the land in the pits, parking and vending area.

There was hella-heavy competition on the track, but the overall vibe was Southern-easy.

This was our first time at the Cajun Nats, and even though it was a haul-and-a-half from HQ, we can definitely see ourselves making the trip next year, if it’s on the schedule.

Moto-count-wise, Saturday was at 195, with 180 on Sunday.

Here are some of the highlights, and don’t forget to click-visit the photo galleries at the bottom, as we have free image downloads for all.

Strider coverage of 2014 Cajun Nationals

No, this Strider dad is not taking a cell call while his daughter is on the track. Texan Nora Flynn is blind, but participating in the Saturday Strider program! Nora has a Bluetooth headset under her helmet, and her dad guides her along the track using the paired cell phone. Amazing!

Chandler Denton at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Chandler Denton is back in a big way. Our Georgia pal had some setbacks after New Year’s Eve goofin ended up with a bottle rocket shot into his eye. If that wasn’t bad enough, just as the doc cleared him to start pedaling around on the street, his hand-tight front wheel came off, and he caught a chain-tensioner to the top of the head. All is well now, and he is back on the bike, and back in the mix. Saturday saw him leading some laps, ultimately booking a second, behind Tyler Whitfield. On Sunday, half the pack crashed just after the first jump, leaving the Chanimal with a seventh.

Rico Bearman at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Rico Bearman was tops of the 10 year olds, taking a double-double in 10x and 9-10 Open. Fierce enough to earn him a new award USA BMX is giving out on Sundays before the mains on national weekends.

Shan Hatfield at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Shan Hatfield was back on the track in Louisiana, after a long layoff recovering from an injury suffered at the World Championships last year. Shan the Man was looking his fast old young self, til a wreck in the first turn of Saturday’s Cruiser main took him down. He was DNS for the 20″ main, and we didn’t see him on the sheets for Sunday. Hopefully, he was just sore, and we’ll see him again in Oldsmar.

Crupi's Colin Whittington at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Colin Whittington cranked his Crupi to twin wins in 14x at the Cajun Nationals.

Brandon Elmore wins A-Pro at the USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Brandon Elmore was king of the Cajuns’ top class on Saturday, but had some strong comp in the persons of Will Grant and Lee Lewis, who went 2-3 on the podium on day one.

Lee Lewis wins day two at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Lee the Flea had his teflon fully in place on Sunday, as he made it through carnage to take the win in mains one and two. Elmore won main #3, but LtF had the low points for the overall. Alan Hudson and Olijuwon Davis occupied double steps for Doublecross with second and third.

Caleb Wall into the second turn at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Caleb Wall has been making some serious tracks in the 2014 season. We had our eye on him in Reno, and it seems the Texas Flash has been training-up and downing some Green Machine shakes, because he was riding with purpose at the Cajuns. A win in Jr. Devo on Sunday, and a third in 15x. Keep watching what this Amarillo slim has in his hand for the rest of the season.

Hayden Robinson of Ssquared Answer at the 2014 Cajun Nationals

Hollywood Hayden Robinson is settling in to his new Ssquared Answer ride in fast-forward fashion. Railing the last turn in Sunday’s main event, on the way to a double-double in 12x/12c.

Charlie Golwyn at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Shock and “awww.” Charlie Golwyn– On the track: layin the smackdown, Stealth Bomber style, to all who show up. After a quick-change, following a fierce first-round transfer: a mild-mannered six-year-old, muggin for the camera and causing all-kinds of “awww” among BMX moms and post-K pretties in the Profile pit. Double wins in 6x.

Bailey Brannen at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

“Bad Girl” done good. Bailey Brannen had a great weekend in Louisiana. The sole Answer/Rennen emissary to the Cajun Nationals came up all-aces, both days in 11-12 Girl Cruiser and 12G.

Walker Finch of Haro/Promax at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

Walker Finch, out of the first turn, and in command of Sunday’s main. Walker doubled-up in Louisiana. On Saturday, the Juice, Justin Richmond got the deuce, and Collin Schmidt hit the three-step. Then, on day two, it was Finch, with Doublecross dude, Chris White in the two-spot, and Justin the with the third. Oh yeah, and Walker aced-up on 15-16 open both days too!

Keep an eye on BMX News next week for Dan’s Comp-sponsored coverage from the USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix. Then we’re icing-down the Pellegrino for our trip to Oldsmar for the Gator Nationals, complete with full pro-series action, on the 22nd and 23rd.


2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

BMX News 2014 Race coverage is sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Ragin at the Cajuns

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Brandon Elmore at the 2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals

BMX News was on-scene at the Cajun Nationals this weekend in West Monroe, Lousiana. We had never been to
this particular one before, and were plesantly surprised with the depth of top riders in the house, the crowd-pleasing track, and the high-intensity racing all weekend long.

We are currently working on our re-cap from the race, but wanted to get the photos out to you ASAP, so check the links below, then check back tonight for the story.

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2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

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