Podcast: Olijuwon Davis on Pro Gate Clinics

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Pro Gate Grands Clinic Podcast

The free clinics promoted by Pro Gate as last month’s USA BMX Grand National were very popular, with over 250 riders signed up for the two sessions. In the morning session, Mariana Pajon, German Medina and Greg Hill spent more than an hour with the kids, coaching them as they gated up on their form and other things that go in to getting rippin holeshots consistently.

In the afternoon, Tyler Whitfield and Olijuwon Davis rocked the house, Rockford style, with serious tips & tricks for over 100 attendees.

We caught up with OD to talk a little about how the clinics went, and get some tips on how you can give your self a gate clinic every day (both mentally, and on the bike).

Since recording the Podcast over the weekend, we learned that Olijuwon finished at the top of the A-Pro points chase for 2013. There is no title in that class, but we’re very happy for our buddy, nonetheless. Congrats, OD!

Here are some photos from the clinics

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Pro Gate Junior Info Page

Doublecross Bikes website

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Photo Gallery: 2013 USA BMX Grands Practice

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Tory Nyhaug 2013 USA BMX Grand National

Great day of action-packed practice at the 2013 USA BMX Grand National. News was on the infield for a while, getting the prime photo angles dialed for tomorrow’s Race Of Champions. Consensus on the Grands Track is that it is one of the best in years, with a great mix of jammin jumps and solid straightaways.

We ended up with some great shots from the day, and sliced our vegetarian turkey in the room, in order to get ‘em processed and posted before lights out.

Tomorrow, with 500+ motos, it’s gonna be a long day, and there will be lots of photos to post, so keep it here on News for hundreds of free photo downloads, and details on what’s happening from gate to stripe.


Photo Gallery: USA BMX Grands Practice

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Pro Gate Hosting Two Free Clinics at The Grands

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Pro Gate Grands Clinic

Thursday at the Grands is all about walking the massive expanse of the Expo Center, catching up with old friends and ripping some gates over at Pro Gate to keep the skills razor sharp before Friday’s ROC. Well, that and your 30 minutes of practice at some point.

This year, Pro Gate is stepping up to put some “Set-em-up” in your Thursday downtime.

Sign up for one of our two FREE gate clinics on Thursday. We are doing two in order to accommodate practice times for all ages.

Morning Session
10:00AM – 11:00AM
Mariana Pajon – 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist
German Medina – Coach, Colombian National Team
Greg Hill – Former Top Pro and Owner of GHP BMX.

Afternoon Session
3:30PM – 4:30PM
Felicia Stancil – Factory GT
Tyler Whitfield – Factory Ssquared-Answer

Registration is free, but spots are limited. Register using the link below to assure yourself a spot.


Sign Up for the Pro Gate Grands Clinic

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$125K Payday Awaits Pros in Tulsa

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2013 USA BMX Grands Payout

USA BMX announced today that the total prize money up for grabs in Tulsa would top $125,000, making it the richest weekend in the history of BMX Racing.

The season-end payout has been doubled, giving the winner a $20,000 payday (2-10 below). Top of Pro Women will get $5,000 for the season win.

Based on the number of AA pros signed up at press time, the purse looks like it will be $14,000 ($4,000 for first). And that’s not the end of it. If 36 or more AAs show up, that number gets bumped-up again, to $20,000 total, with $7,000 for the winner.

Women will split a $4,000 purse with $1200 for first.

The Answer Holeshot Award ends its first season back with double-stuff for the Saturday race–$500 for AA and Women. ROC on Friday will payout $250 each for A Pro, Vet, Women and AA.

Oh, and the NAG-Fivers get in on the ka-ching thing too. A $5,000 purse will be split evenly with $2500 each for boys and girls alike. This is the first year the NAG 5 gets a money purse instead of prizes.


AA-PRO – $14,000 total purse*
1 $4,000
2 $2,500
3 $1,400

*Based on number of registered riders. 26 to 35 AA-Pros. Maximum payout, with 36 or more AA-pros will be a $20k purse, with $7,000 for the winner.

PRO WOMEN – $4,000 total purse
1 $1,200
2 $700
3 $500
Based on 16 or fewer registered riders


No.1 $20,000
No.2 $10,000
No.3 $8,000
No.4 $5,000
No.5 $4,000
No.6 $3,500
No.7 $3,000
No.8 $2,500
No.9 $2,000
No.10 $1,500

No.1 $5,000
No.2 $3,000
No.3 $2,000


FACTORY TEAM – $10,000



Holeshot Winner of 1st main, all weekend.

Brought to you by Answer Products.
$250 ROC AA-pro
$250 ROC A-pro
$250 ROC Womens Pro
$250 ROC Vet Pro

$500 GRANDS AA-pro
$500 GRANDS Womens Pro


$2500 – Boys
$2500 – Girls

It’s great to see USA BMX stepping up the money game for the fiercest and fastest in the world. The action starts in a little less than two weeks, as the highways and jet routes of North America will be jammed with thousands of BMXers heading in to Tulsa town.

Our coverage starts Wednesday, so keep it here for story, photos and scoops all weekend long.

*High-denomination bills above are obviously shown for illustrative purposes only

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