Hunter Pelham Wins Photo Trophy Dash

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Hunter Pelham wins the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash/Chula Vista

The second BMX News Photo Trophy Dash is now concluded, and we’re happy to announce that Hunter Pelham of J&R Bicycles has won the three-day contest, hosted on Facebook, with 300 votes exactly.

With almost 1,000 votes cast overall, Hunter garnered nearly a third of them, which is a great testament to his base of fans.

For winning the Photo Trophy Dash, we will be sending him a 20×30 canvas of the above image as the “Trophy” in trophy dash. Also, as one of the 300 people who voted up Hunter’s image, Ian Noerenberg was the selected-at-random liker who will receive a duplicate canvas of the winning shot.

Here are the final results:

Hunter Pelham, J&R Bicycles – 300
Alise Post, Team USA/Redline – 233
KJ Romero, Anarchy BMX – 187
Bubba Harris, Factory Supercross – 126
Collin Hudson, Factory Crupi/Rhythm – 102
Connor Fields, Chase BMX – 55
Danny Caluag, Lindsey Wilson College/Speedco – 43
“The Fans” – 9

Congrats to all eight finalists!

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The BMX News Photo Trophy Dash will start April 24th, after the USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix,AZ. Be sure to Like the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash page for photos of the canvases before they ship to the winners.

—Mike Carruth

The Wildman Snaps the Gate, then Pops the Question

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Todd Lyons Proposes Marriage at USA BMX So. Cal Nats

It was great to see The Wildman, Todd Lyons, in Chula Vista– suited up in his SE attack gear, and doing battle on the track, this time with the 36-40 Cruiser class. He made the main both days at the USA BMX So. Cal Nationals, scoring an 8th on day one, and a fourth on day two. Not bad for that stacked class.

Then, on Sunday, just before the semis jumped off, Todd and his long-time girlfriend, Mare Galletti, joined Mike Redman down by the finish line for an improptu “filling some dead time in the program” interview. After a few minutes of banter, Todd said:

“You know…I’ve done a lot of crazy things on a BMX Track in my life…backflips during a race, 360s during a race…but the craziest thing I have ever done at a BMX track…is goin’ down right now.”

With that, he produced a hinged box (from where, we don’t know, as he had his full race kit on), turned to Mare, got down on one knee and…POW! popped the question.

Here’s the video (via Rich Montalvo), complete with her acceptance

No word on a wedding date just yet, but we’ll keep ya’ posted.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Supercross BMX Brings Five Days of Contests

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Win some great merch form Supercross BMX

Before Bill Ryan and his posse pack up and iTunes-shuffle down I-15 to Chula Vista, they are getting ready to blast out a hearty haul of goodies to five winners with brains for BMX trivia.

Over the next five days (starting today), Supercross will post three trivia questions on each of five riders on the Supercross BMX Factory Team.

Over 6,000 people got in on the fun by checking out the official contest page on yesterday. This is just too much fun for us to be left out of, so NEWS is joining in, with clues, results and other coverage.

TO ENTER: Copy and paste these questions with your answers on the SupercrossBMX Facebook Page.

Saturday was Bubba Harris day (Pictured above, when this article was first posted), Sunday was Kalvin Davis.

MONDAY, March 26: Kenth Fallen

What is the name of Kenth’s Personal Training Business?

What number did Kenth run on his back before his three ABA #1 Vet Pro Titles?

What color was Kenth’s Special Prototype ENVY at the 2011 ABA Grands?

Each day, the contest will close in the late afternoon, and the next one will start up. Once a contest is closed, no further entries will be accepted.


Official Contest Page

Follow @BMXNOW on Twitter for Clues

Post Entries on Supercross BMX Facebook Page

Join BMX News Facebook Page for Clues

Psssst…Clue for Kenth, Question Number Two: In his town, it runs through it