Recap: 2015 Mile High Nationals

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BMX News Recap of the 2015 Mile High Nationals

For the first time in six years, the national tour set down stakes in Grand Junction, Colorado. Last time, it was for the 2009 ABA Mile High Nationals, on the long-standing Grand Valley BMX track. The race went well, and gave city leaders an appetizer-taste of what BMX could bring to this city of 60,000 on the Western Slope.

Fast-forward to the present day. USA BMX came to town for their Mile High Nationals, and stop number two on the brand-new USA BMX North American Supercross Series (NASX).

Back in ’09, the idea that we would have our very-own SX series here in North America was a dream–some might say an “impossible dream,” given the infrastructure that would be needed in order to make it happen. It would mean multiple tracks with eight-meter starting hills, and a big enough footprint to also accommodate an amateur track alongside the big track.

Today, thanks to the leadership USA BMX has brought to moving BMX forward within municipalities across the country, it’s a reality (plus dozens of new non-SX tracks in cities who have now embraced BMX Racing).

In addition to the two SX tracks at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, we also now have top-drawer facilities in Rock Hill, SC; here in Grand Junction, as well as high-caliber, soon-to-open facilities in Oldsmar and Sarasota, Florida. Not only is the NASX the sole independent SX series in the world, it is also the highest-paying BMX series of all, with $7000 guaranteed for the Elite Men winner and $3500 for the top Woman. That’s for each day!

The Dual Hills at Grand Valley BMXLooking down the double-barrel of the Grand Junction gun. On the left, a local-friendly hill that also had a great launch for the amateur action of the weekend. On the right, a regulation eight-meter SX hill where heroes present and future boosted it for all it was worth.

We’re always interested to hear the inside story of how these remarkable facilities come to be, and Grand Valley BMX Track Operator Nick Adams (also a top staffer at USA BMX HQ) gave News an exclusive peek into the development of the new Grand Valley BMX facility.

The idea and discussions for the new track started in 2009 after the (ABA) Mile High Nationals. We knew we had the ability to host another national, but not at the 2009 location.

At the time, the Master Plan for the Fairgrounds was being reviewed and an outside agency was brought in to do the plan.

They met with all of the tenants of the fairgrounds, the community, and staff to develop the plan. BMX was part of that plan and part of the project. So in reality, the plan has been in the works for six years.

Once we knew BMX would be a part, we then planned-out what we could do to make the most impact locally, regionally, and nationally.

We designed a track that would meet the needs of the local program and had the option to add a Supercross hill in the future. If we saw the need for another 8-meter in the U.S., we would build one. We obviously saw a need.

We believe we have built a track and facility that meets the needs of our youngest riders as well as the elite riders.

That was the interesting thing about the reactions we received from the riders, as related to the track. “Challenging on the SX side,” “wide open” overall, with the right-side great for national racing…but still approachable for local racing.

That’s what we saw, all weekend long at the 2015 Mile High Nationals. Passes were being made on the am straightaways and in the turns alike– no lead-rider was “safe” from a hard-charging competitor.


The SuperX Open Class had 30 riders, giving the guys who we see at the top of the results in the Expert classes on a regular basis a shot at going big from the Big Hill.

Ryan Zinzow and Nick Deters at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsRyan Zinzow (second from right) and Nick Deters (74) take their Ssquared rides over the first set in the SX Open class. Nick posted on Instagram: “Always a blast going down the big hill.”

Up-top, it was guys like Bryant White, Colin Whittington, Michael Boyle, Nick Deters, Larry “Boo” Huff, Derrick Blackmore, Corey Salas, and BJ Ensey with moto wins on Friday night. Ensey won the main, with Salas and Boyle joining him on the proverbial podium.

In the Elite classes, more than a few were crunched and munched by the Grand Valley SX side. Brooke Crain, Dani George, Kelsey Van Ogle and Teagan O’Keeffe all met the soiltac or the black top in Elite Women. Dani and Kelsey were well enough to keep it rolling, and KVO logged a fifth in the main, behind Alise Post, Felicia Stancil, Amanda Carr, on the podium, and Lauren Reynolds for fourth.

When the men gated up, Tanner Sebesta had a good lap going first round, but blew a tire in the first turn, and soft-tacoed his front wheel.

The second rack of Elite Men was probably the most profound munch of the day, as Justin Posey was leading the group, but came down on the first second-straight set and blew his hand off the grip, sending him drilling into the surface, and suffering a laundry list of injuries that included a broken back, knocking out two teeth, broken humerus and broken finger. He was down for a while, but gave a thumbs-up to the fans as he was carried off on a backboard.

Justin Posey down at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High Nationals
Here’s what JP posted on Facebook on Thursday, after the accident:

I was leading the pack at the USA BMX SX series round in Grand Junction Colorado. Came out the first turn and over-shot and was sideways on the first pro set, landed and my hand slid off. Next thing I knew, I’m rolling like a rag doll!

I had surgery on my back where I broke it in two places, separated my shoulder and broke my humerus, knocked my two front teeth out (again), concussion, and a broken finger. I’m now at Colorado Springs at the OTC gearing up get this shoulder/ arm fixed. Last will come the teeth.

I’ve been amazed with the outpouring of love and support and I honestly couldn’t/won’t be able to finish without everyone’s help. You guys don’t understand how much it means for you all to reach out to me and push me to push through this pain. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to all as I’ve been in lots of pain,

Surgeries, procedures and more. The dream is still alive thanks to each and everyone of you. Thanks again, so look forward to thanking each and everyone of you in person!

As noted above, once he was able to leave Grand Junction, he moved to Colorado Springs, where members of the US Olympic Training Center medical team got started to put him on the road to recovery. We are all pullin for you, JP, and looking forward to seeing you at the races soon!

On the podium Friday night, it was Sam Willoughby up-top, with Joris Daudet and Connor Fields in the 2-3.
Sam Willoughby at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High Nationals

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp


Apart from the Friday Night Pre-Race, there was some great racing in the Saturday/Sunday national program. Here are some of the highlights:

Corey Salas at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsNews announced Corey Salas’ addition to Factory Supercross earlier this month. Grand Junction was the first race that Corey was suited up, and rockin it for Smilin Bill Ryan and crew. Corey collected a win on Saturday in 17-18x, and a win in 21-25 Open on Sunday. He topped it off with a sixth in class on Sunday.

Alise Post at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High Nationals Caption Contest. Visit and Like the BMX News Facebook Page to enter. The caption with the most likes by Noon Central on Wednesday, August 2 wins a special goodie bag.

Nick and Kristi Adams at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsGrand Opening Day in Grand Junction. USA BMX CEO B.A. Anderson (right) awards Grand Valley BMX Track Operators Nick and Kristi Adams a commemorative plaque for the hard work they and their local team put in to making the 2015 Mile High Nationals happen.

Brieanna Jones at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsStriders on-course to open-up competition on day one of the Mile High Nationals. Brieanna Jones topped the 5-Over Strider class. In the background, the SX hill shows the ultimate progression for these early BMXers.

Matt Moberly at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsMatt Moberly (18) rocked the house in Vet Pro on Saturday, making the first pro podium of his career, with third to Cristian Becerine and Derek Betcher.

Noah Miguel at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsNew J&R pickup Noah Miguel from the West Texas town of El Paso had three aces in 9-10 open and 10x. Dude grunted it out hard for all four main events, but a seventh on Saturday kept the double-double from happening. No doubt, we’ll be seeing more of Noah this year.

Addison Finch at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsAddison Finch just finished a first-round transfer on Saturday, and was winding down from the lap, when one of her local fans came over to talk. This is one of our favorite photos from the weekend, because it shows how important our factory stars are to the younger riders, and how those stars fill the role, without pretense. It’s one of the best things BMX Racing has over other sports: accessibility to the top athletes. Addie won 13-14 Mixed open both days and logged a second on Saturday (to Kate Deters) and a fourth on Sunday in 14G.

BMX News Coverage of the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsThe right-hand line on the second-straight SX set was the razor’s-edge of out-of-control, or on-the-track all weekend long. In a rare retreat, even a News flash tripod was moved back after two in a row landed inches from crushing it. The left side of this set was where Justin Posey crashed on Friday night.

Bryce Batten at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsBryce Batten in turn two of 15x first round on Saturday, holding off Triston Judd from the outside, pop-the-clutch line. BB got through the 15-16 Open Semi in a qual spot, but when the expert semi came, he went down hard. A few days after the race, Bryce was back home in AZ and nursing a concussion and some back pain. A Monday adjustment at the chiro helped with the back pain, and a phone call from Donny Robinson to talk about the concussion was said to help tremendously. Bryce is in good spirits now and working toward getting back on the bike as soon as makes sense.

Kaitlyn Van Renselaar at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsThe 5-Under Girls rage just as hard as the big gals. Kaitlyn Van Renselaar aced-up on the class both days.

Alise Post and Jason Carnes at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsTurnabout. Usually, Jason Carnes is the guy at the finish line, ready to greet Alise and all the other Factory Redline fliers. But, on Saturday, as the pro podium was getting prepped, Alise had a spare minute or two to flip the script and give Jason some love after his win in 41-45 Cruiser. He won it on Sunday, too!

Matt Juster at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsMeet Matt Juster, the taller-than-Paul-Bunyon Aussie who took down Saturday’s A-Pro Main. Jordan Miranda and Todd Barry went 2-3 on the day.

Sam Willoughby at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsIt was a jammin weekend in ‘Junction for Sam. Twin-wins in the North American SX tipped the scales at $14,000 for the weekend, plus $500 in Answer Holeshot cash, to top it off.

BJ Ensey at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsFactory Supercross star BJ Ensey aced-up on 17-18x both days in Grand Junction. Ryan Zinzow double-deuced it in that class, and the Sat/Sun third went to Niko Williams and Michael Boyle, respectively. Oh, and Ensey also won the SX Open class on Friday night. Boyle won it on Saturday.

Hunter Brown at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsHunter Brown is the In-N-Out Burger Double-Double award winner of the Mile High Nationals Weekend. An Extreme force, applied with some serious fast. Wins in 14x and 13-14 Open, times two, for the Rocket. A $20 In-N-Out Burger gift card is coming your way, Hunter.

Tyler Cacciola at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsTyler Cacciola came close to the double-double at the Mile High Nats. A win in 13x on Saturday, and a double in 13x and 13C on Sunday. Only the Extreme Team ride of Cameron Wood kept him off it in the 13 Cruiser main on Saturday.

Jack Bakken at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsCrupi Coloradan Jack Bakken blazed a trail to twin wins on Saturday in 10C and 10X. He got the win in Cruiser on Sunday, but dropped it in class to the new J&R jammer, Noah Miguel on Sunday.

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

The Speedco Velox on display  at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsDerek Betcher brought the new Speedco pit out to Grand Junction, including a couple of his personal bikes and killer colorways of the coming-to-market Velox frame. Here’s one of the tasty builds DB put on display.

Chris Knapp at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsChris Knapp came oh-so-close to the double-double in Grand Junction. Wins in 36-40 Cruiser both days, a win in 36-40 Expert on Saturday (above). Jason Miles got the win on Sunday in class.

Tristan Trincado at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsTristan Trincado won 8 Intermediate both days. For his efforts, he got a perfectly-punched ticket to the expert class. Tristan’s pops owns the Aspen Dirtbike School, which hosts riding and training for Moto and BMX. We’re definitely stopping in to check it out next time we head to the Mile High.

Sophia Foresta at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsSophia Foresta won 15-16G on Saturday, and was leading it to this point on Sunday, when she bonked the entry to turn two. But the story doesn’t end here–in fact this is where the real “race” began. Kanami Tanno from Japan (left) was there to take advantage of Sophia’s jam-up, and took the lead out of turn two.

Sophia Foresta at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsSophia chased Kanami down, but the W4 was not yielding a millimeter. Out of the last turn it was a full-on drag race that had the crowd screaming their heads off.

Sophia Foresta at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsIn the final feet, Sophia pulled even, then ahead at the line for the win. GREAT racing, ladies!

Dylon Vaughn at the 2015 USA BMX Mile High NationalsThe last turn was the scene of more than a few smooth moves, all weekend long. Here’s the 19-27x main event, in progress, into the second turn. Dylon Vaughn’s leading it, but Robby Patterson is within striking distance, as you can see, just off of Dylon’s port side. The two battled down the third straight, but Robby had the move of the day as he bolted around to take the lead out of the last turn, and on for a day-two win. Corey Salas won the class on Saturday, with Robby in the deuce.

Packing it Up

The Mile High Nationals weekend saw awesome racing, big checks for the pros and big scenery for those of us who drove in for the race. For us city-folk, the “ooohs,” “ahhhs” and “WOWs” were endless, as we made our way over the Rockies! Below: McClure Pass, about 100 miles from the parking lot at Grand Valley BMX, on our way, along the scenic route, from Chicago.

McClure Pass, Colorado

No doubt we’ll be inking this stop on our calendar the moment the schedule comes out, in future years! A big thanks to Nick and Kristi Adams and their local crew for the hospitality!

—Mike Carruth


2015 USA BMX Mile High Nationals – Results

Friday Photos: 2015 USA BMX Mile High Nationals

Saturday Photos: 2015 USA BMX Mile High Nationals

Sunday Photos: 2015 USA BMX Mile High Nationals

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Photo Galleries: Colorado

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2015 Mile High Nationals Photo Galleries

It was an incredible weekend of dual-hill racing in Grand Junction, Colorado last weekend, as the USA BMX Mile High Nationals came to town. This was also stop number two on the 2015 USA BMX North American Supercross Series, and the grand opening race for the shiny-new Grand Valley BMX facility.

BMX News was on-scene to capture every second of action, through the lens of our trusty Nikon. We brought back three tasty photo galleries, which we’re posting per-usual, as an appetizer to the full-recap of the who’s who, some up & comer disruptors and how they all did.

We’re pulling out of Grand Junction this morning for a not-so-grand drive Eastbound. Only about six Starbucks stops and 1400 miles between the Mile High and home. Meanwhile, check out the galleries by clicking on the images below (will open in a new window).

BMX News 2015 race coverage sponsored by Dan’s Comp
BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Friday Photo GalleryAlise Post Doubles Up in Grand Junction

Saturday Photo GallerySam Willoughby Takes double wins at the North American SX Series

Sunday Photo GalleryChandler Denton at the 2015 Mile High Nationals

Watch for the Recap on Thursday.

—Mike Carruth

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Injury Update: Justin Posey

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Justin Posey Injury Update

**UPDATED**Yesterday, during first round of the 2015 USA BMX North American Supercross Series, in Grand Junction, Colorado, Justin Posey was involved in a bad wreck on the second straight, resulting in several injuries, and a backboard ride off the track. Even in that condition, JP was mindful of the fans, and their concern for him, and gave a thumbs up as he was carried off the track by members of Grand Junction Fire & Rescue.

This morning at the track, as people started showing up for practice, and setting up camp for the day, the questions were “How’s Posey doing?” “Have you heard anything about Justin?,” in the same breath as “good morning.”

Usually, when there are no social posts, or messages in to the BMX News Global Command Center, we know to stay out of the way and let the professionals on the medical team do their thing.

Just a short time ago, however, we did receive the following message Momma Posey:

Asking for prayers for justin. We know the sport he loves so much carries this risk and yesterday as many of you saw it was a tough one. I’m on my way to Colorado now and will give updates as soon as we’ve met with everyone and figure out next steps; he will likely need surgery.

We are so appreciative of all of the calls and texts and the love. We all know how much justin loves his friends so your caring is a big part of getting through this and then starting the healing process. He’s not feeling so hot right now so he’s not answering a lot. I will update with the specifics this afternoon.

**UPDATE** Saturday, 8:14PM

He’s in great spirits, and the gang coming by to watch him be spoon fed his dinner was entertaining. He separated his shoulder which was put back in place but he also has a fracture. TBD whether surgery will be required. He has fracture in his back (T-7) which will require surgery tomorrow morning to stabilize it with plates and screws. There is no concern for any long term issues other than the typical surgery risk.

He also had a concussion a broken thumb and knocked out his 2 front teeth. We all know justin and he will be back in no time as every time he gets knocked down he comes back stronger. The only time we’re going to feel bad is missing his opportunity for the RIO test event and his home track of Rock Hill SX. But we start focusing on getting better starting tomorrow. Appreciate the prayers especially tomorrow for the surgeons.

We are so very grateful to everyone for everything and I refer everyone to jRich post today as that has been my inspiration along with some of the videos his friends have posted with Justin being his typical goon self.

Hugs from both of us.


We will keep this page updated with new developments, as they become available. But for now, some prayers and positive vibes going up for Justin. Leave comments below to get your well-wishes through directly.

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo: Justin and Connor Fields go into turn one, just before the accident.


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