PDF of 2019 UCI BMX Racing Rules

February 6, 2019 by  

2019 UCI BMX Rules

The UCI BMX rulebook is somewhat of a DiVinci Code situation for a lot of us here in the states. Most of us will never race a UCI-sanctioned event, and those who do (primarily those who race the worlds, or are moving to Elite sometime soon), will need to have some kind of sherpa to guide them through the narrow twists and turns of the BMX customs and practices, set in the European tradition.

But we’re not letting that stop us from serving it up to you; those of you who will be going to the worlds in Belgium this year, you should start reading and asking your questions now. Some are not going, and are still interested in checking out what trends and influences may be coming down the pike, since we know, from the clips rule, that what happens in Aigle doesn’t stay in Aigle.

So download the PDF at the link below (it is “redlined” by UCI to strike out parts of the rules that have been changed from the 2018 version, and show the new language in red).


Download the 2019 UCI BMX Rules (PDF)