Spark BMX Launches Training Group

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Spark BMX Training Group
Local teams are due for an innovative shakeup. There are some good ones out there, in the new style, that provide services other than discounts and/or free product. This can mean training, coaching, dedicated practices at a local track, and other such innovative methods.

The first one we’re pleased to feature is both a team, and a “training group,” which welcomes riders from any team to join the fun.

BMX News contributor Jake Stephenitch of Spark BMX Training sent over the following release today, announcing his “Midwest Training Group and Spark Race Team.”

Spark BMX Training is very proud to announce our Midwest Training Group and Spark Race Team.

The training group will be open to all riders eight-years and over, from any team. Our main focus is to develop riders throughout the season by providing them a fun experience, encouragement, home training programs, and monthly private team practices. The purpose of the group will be to create accountability and to leverage the power of friendly competition within the training group to develop riders abilities.

The first private group practice will take place February 2 at Steel Wheels indoor BMX from 2-4PM. The focus of our first training session will be rider performance testing and an intro to improving gate starts. Immediately after practice we will be having a team dinner with riders and their families.

To make it clear: the training group is open to all riders, sponsored or not. But for riders selected for the program who are not otherwise-engaged with a sponsor, Jake will give you the option of joining the Spark Team (see the jersey design below).

Spark BMX Team Jersey

This is a cool concept that combines training, coaching, mentoring and, for those who want to partake, a team component. Check out the Spark BMX Training website at the link below for more information.

And watch for a follow-up report on this program in a future “Top Story” feature.

—Mike Carruth


2019 Spark BMX Training Group