Danica Anderson Ages Up and Moves-Out

January 15, 2019 by  

Danica Anderson logged six wins in Vegas
Danica Anderson took her NAG 1 skinny digit out for a first (national) run last weekend at the 2019 USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals. As the top photo confirms, it came up all-aces for the Lil’ Avalanche in Vegas, with six wins for the three-day national.

Sunday served up some special treats, as Danica aged-up to 12 Girl and destroyed her new-class competition by a country mile. Let’s go to the tape:

We’re looking forward to another year of Danica dominating the comp, and watching the other riders step-up their game in the process.

Well done, Danica…And Happy Birthday!

—Mike Carruth

Video and top photo courtesy of Lorinda and Rich Anderson, used with permission.


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