UK Mail Order House “Source BMX” Coming to US

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Source BMX coming to Louisville, USA
This is hot off the wire, as News learns today that UK-based ecommerce powerhouse, Source BMX, is expanding their operation to the US in the new year. The story broke late Monday, as local news outlets in Louisville, KY picked it up from a business-publication in town.

ABC affiliate WHAS quoted the original story, saying:

For its first U.S. location, the company has signed a lease for 32,000 square feet in the former Bluegrass Coca-Cola Bottling Co. at 1661 W. Hill St. The roughly 318,000-square-foot industrial warehouse is on 13 acres in the Park Hill neighborhood.

The location is about three miles southwest of downtown Louisville, off Dixie Hwy (US 60).

BMX News reached out to the Moores for additional details on the big play for the US market. Here’s what Rich Moore sent back to our opening questions:

1). How did you choose Louisville as your US location?
We raced the Worlds in Louisville in 2001 so spent some time there – plus know Leland from Sh*tluck so know it has a massive BMX scene there. Also, it helps that it’s as central as it gets and home of UPS so logistically there is no better place to ship products across America.

2). Will you be selling Race and Freestyle to the US market?
Yes, we already do through we’re currently much heavier on freestyle (despite our race background) because many race brands are hard to get in the UK.

3). The Louisville news story says you are taking 32,000sq ft in the former Coca-Cola bottling plant. Will some of this be an open to the public showroom, or will it be strictly a mail order warehouse?
That’s right – it’s part of an old coca-cola bottling plant but now mainly warehouses old Bourbon barrels. It’s a cool building. Initially at least, it will just be a warehouse and we’ll continue to support US BMX through sponsorship and any other way we can.

4). Who will be managing the operation for you here in the states?
We are recruiting a manager now and will be advertising for other roles in January. (Editor’s Note: You can see the ad at the link below)

The US is light on BMX-specific mail order, especially following the pull-back of Dan’s Comp in 2017, so it will be interesting to see how Source does stepping in to our market. Freestylers here know them already, and racers will undoubtedly know them soon–though the 2019 Bluegrass Nationals may beat them to town, as the new operation is not expected to lift the curtain til March.

Keep your eyes on News for more on this developing story.

Top Photo: Marc and Rich Moore at Source Park in Hastings, England. Photo courtesy of SourceBMX.

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