Letter: Why Didn’t You Edit Costa?

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Reader Letter: Why Didn't You Edit Costa? 
Great podcast with George Costa. But why didn’t you cut the part when he said that pulling advertising on your site didn’t make any change? I would have cut that part out, and I’m curious why you didn’t?”
—JB, Midwest

Thanks for your message, JB. I normally edit each podcast a bit, mostly to remove the “ummmms” and pauses, sometimes for time (I like a 1-hour episode, give-or-take), and sometimes if I, or the guest, goes on a tangent that repeats what we have already said, if will not have an effect on the content.

I view every guest on Announcers Tower as I would a guest sitting on the couch in my own living room. Which is to say, that I would (almost) never tell them to stop talking, or edit what they said for my own purposes. In 146 episodes, I am almost-certain I have never done that.

If you haven’t-yet listened to the episode, JB’s letter refers to the part of the show, queued-up below, where George talks about his plans for the future, and looks back at some of Rennen’s past marketing efforts–most specifically pulling-back from online advertising in places like (click to start at the moment-in-question):

At 38:04, George acknowledges that, with no team on the track, he may re-evaluate that plan (but also says his gut says no)–still, if/when he does, we would be stoked to welcome Rennen back to the advertiser community, here on News.

George sent-over the following as an additional reply to your letter:

First off, I’d like to say I fully support what Mike and BMXnews are doing here with his websites. I was an advertiser for 6 or 7 years and in the days of intense Internet sanction drama on VBMX we would always see good clickthrough numbers on our Google Analytics in those days. My reasons for pulling back were mainly due to personal circumstances that arose about 2 years ago where I had to very closely evaluate every dollar we spend.

I was just freely speaking to Mike and I hope the sentiment I was trying to convey was “don’t take things for granted that the brands or sites or magazines you love will be around forever if you don’t help support them.”

Maybe it is time for more owners like myself to speak up and issue a warning call that if you care about something help support it.

Maybe instead of selling your used frame on the fence at the track, give it to a kid in need or donate it as a loaner bike to your local track and buy yourself a new one at retail. Sometimes people don’t know how good they have it while they are experiencing something. How many people are still reminiscing about the NBL, but didn’t support it to the level they needed to stay in business.

I have loved BMX ever since I first discovered it in BMX Plus! (RIP) back in 1987. I don’t want the sport to die but it’s time that everyone opens their eyes about how the BMX world operates around them, and do the right thing.

Back to the podcast: at 38:37, I weigh-in to give my opinion on what he said. I have to admit: it was tough to put that mirror up to our efforts, but it would be disingenuous to say “everything’s fine,” when the picture has, in fact, changed radically for us, on the advertising front, in the past 18 months or so.

But we still have a solid group of advertisers who believe in what we’re doing–believe that a NEWS site about BMX Racing is important to support (By the Way: please click on their banners, if you’re interested in their products. It really helps.). That faith, on their part, drives the future ambitions of this site (some of which, you will see in the coming weeks).

BMX News serves a valuable purpose in the sport, as a primary source for news— not opinion— but NEWS (and some opinion, too). We do stories that nobody else does, and I love that part of my job.

That said, I have great respect for ALL of the outlets who also cover this thing of ours, and we each have our own unique style and editorial approach.

I have to admit: it’s difficult to “suit up” for press release stories, especially after the story is all-over social media. We love “scoops” that nobody else has (send those to

If you have a newsworthy story, work with us to develop it, then share our post on your social channels…it’s better when someone else is talking about you anyway, right? I don’t guarantee we’ll take every pitch, but many days I’m dying for something of news value to post.

Wrapping-up on your letter, JB, you should also know that George and I are friends. I knew, going in, that he is a guy who speaks his mind…which is what makes him such a great guest on the podcast.

So our discussion, though structured, as all of our episodes are, was a conversation among friends, who have a long history. We have broken news together, and we have broken bread together (but, to my knowledge, have never broken wind together, LOL). I was not-at-all offended by what he said on the show.

Thanks again for your support of this site, and for your reader letter on this topic!

—Mike Carruth