Felicia Stancil Joins Factory Supercross

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Felicia Stancil Moves to Factory Supercross
It’s always great when we see two friends join forces to do some good in the world of BMX Racing. Today’s team news scoop involves two-such friends of News. Felicia Stancil, who we have followed with our camera and covered with our keyboard for our 10 years back in the sport; and Bill Ryan’s Supercross BMX–a key brand in the sport for 30 years, with a history of long-term relationships with riders.

Felicia spoke exclusively to BMX News about joining the Supercross family, saying:

The past two years, I’ve been balancing time between going to school at Marian University and racing collegiately as well as professionally.

Now that I have graduated, I am looking to take my racing to the next level and with that I was looking for a great frame and team that would go along with my goals.

I am thrilled to announce I will be riding for Supercross this upcoming season who has great history in the sport, an amazing carbon frame, and great people on the team. I’m excited to be racing on my purple and silver carbon at both the domestic and international races next season!

We caught Bill Ryan between supervising Fed-Ex shipments to far-reaching points on the globe. Here’s what he said:

As we enter the 30th year of Supercross BMX, we love to Welcome the one and only Flyin’ Felicia Stancil to the Supercross BMX family.

With a rich heritage of Fast girls who love BMX, Felicia fits the mold and more. Felicia and I have been friends for years and I have been a huge Fan of her racing and the way she interacts with the kids, she just purely and truly embodies the #loveBMX culture.

And we plan on Felicia being here thru the 2020 /2024 Olympics and more as we help her with her Olympic Dream and she helps others achieve their dreams. It is a perfect Win/Win situation. And we are excited to be able to start work with her on a Supercross BMX / Felicia Stancil line of components like we had in the past with Olympian and USA BMX #1 Pro Samantha Cools.

We also got a bonus “stoke statement” from Supercross BMX Operations Manager, Melissa Hammonds, who works closely with the riders, in addition to running air traffic control on lots of other things at Supercross HQ in Southern California.

I actually didn’t know Felicia personally before the process of her joining the Supercross family began. Of course I had watched her race, and I knew she was a phenomenal and very accomplished athlete.

The way she interacts with little girls—and all the younger riders at the races helped me to form a really good impression of her. When her name got thrown into a meeting about the team, I was definitely interested in seeing how she was on a personal level.

There’s the job I have in BMX on one hand, but I’m also the mom of a girl rider. I always pay attention to the women’s classes, how they ride, and how they carry themselves while not racing. She is strong, fast and fearless, but she is also kind and giving of her time. For our girls in this next generation, women like Felicia are great role models. It’s important for them to see this great athlete, that is also smart, kind, and goal oriented, that loves to ride her bike. Just a kick ass chick in general!

I’m really excited to expand our Supercross Family to include her, and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes with her new Envy BLK 2!

The 2019 Pro season opener isn’t for 48 days, but we may-just see Fly’n Felicia out in her brand new gear sooner than that, who know? One thing’s for sure, these two are going to be quite a force, both on the track and off. A big BMX News Congratulations to all involved.

—Mike Carruth


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