Bike Check: Drew Motley’s Yess MX-Y Cruiser

October 7, 2018 by  

Drew Motley Yess MX-Y Cruiser Bike Check

The frame that would become the Yess MX-Y first appeared as a “concept” at the 2017 USA BMX Grands.

It features an “abbreviated” chain stay which allows a belt or chain to be installed without breaking the chain stay (in the case of a belt), or the chain (in the case of a chain)–you just loop the belt or chain onto the drivetrain, and you’re ready to race.

Our July 10, 2018 feature on the MX-Y, did not mention a cruiser, but the innovation at Yess BMX HQ in Canada marches on, and now there is a big bike for big tire fans.

News talked to Factory Yess, and former National #1 cruiser ace, Drew Motley, about the production prototype MX-Y cruiser he just finished building up. Here’s what he said:

When Bill and Renny told me they wanted to build a MX-Y cruiser I said that would be way different that the 20” due to the clearance issues with the bigger wheels, but it “sounds interesting.”

In Utah, Renny handed me the finished product and it definitely IS interesting. The proven geometry and Type-X front triangle remain unchanged.

The rear end is quite different, as it enables use of the belt drive system, without a split in the right seat stay, via a new, highly modified, seat stay.

The chain stays are extra beefy using the Reach fork leg tubing.

I collected the finest components from Profile, Epik, Tangent, and others over the next few weeks and built it up two weeks ago.

I took it for a few pedals but didn’t get to crack the throttle wide open until the weekend at the Mid-America Nationals in Raytown. This thing is so stiff!

It took me to the top of the podium both days in Raytown, and again at the Gold Cup Finals. It’s a winner!

It takes a village for sure. Thanks for everyone that was a part of this build; Renny and Bill at Yess BMX, Gus at Profile, Ray at Fly, Kevin at Epik, Ben at Gates, TJ at Tangent, Ronnie at Shadow, Will at Power Cycles BMX, Brian at Comp-Cal Graphics, and Steve at Boca Bike Shop.

Aside from the above, here are some shots of Drew’s new build:

Drew Motley Yess MX-Y Cruiser Bike Check

Drew Motley Yess MX-Y Cruiser Bike Check

Drew Motley Yess MX-Y Cruiser Bike Check

The MX-Y Cruiser is in the pre-order phase, available in sizes Pro, XL and XXL, at US$850. So now’s the time to get in gear and order one up, so you can be first with the most awesome tech at the track. Delivery is expected pre-Grands, so this could well-be the steed you need to conquer your class in Tulsa. Email Us if you’re interested in getting one of the first frames.