2018 Grands Track Design Unveiled

October 24, 2018 by  

2018 USA BMX Grands Track Design
We are inside the one-month marker in our countdown to Tulsa 2018, and as part of the final-approach checklist, USA BMX has released an artist’s rendering of the track. Like USA BMX Grand National tracks of days past, this one uses the floor space at River Spirit Expo to the maximum, with long, outdoor-style straightaways, and a large scale starting hill to send three-days of high-wattage, high moto count racing down.

Most notable is the third straight, with it’s half-diamond configuration. Go right, and the pro section will take you on the shortest path to the last turn, the Gold and the Glory. Go left, and you may-well see a “Welcome to Broken Arrow” sign along the way; it will definitely take you on the tour.

We will be interested to see if, as a final masterpiece, Billy Allen and his crew build the right side extra-gnar to equalize things, or if junior jumping skills will be all that’re needed to get though it.

Each year, as skills progress, the age of the riders taking the pro side goes down. We love watching the drama develop, as riders bet it all on a run to the right. Some pull it off flawlessly, others without much style (but make it through), and still-others tank into the water hazard, or wash up on the sandy beach, shipwrecking their dreams for a stellar season.

Our popcorn is ready, and News will be there for all the tasty photos. Stay with us!