Bob Haro Designs “Aloha” Shirt

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Bob Haro Designs Aloha Hawaiian Shirt
The only thing better than being stylish on the track is being stylish off the track. But it takes the right kind of threads to turn heads. New from legendary BMX designer and cartoonist, Bob Haro, is this Hawaiian “Aloha” shirt, festooned with some choice art from “The Toon,” a strip that appeared in BMX Action Magazine in the 80s, and other illustrations he created during his BMX days.

Trivia: Bob is credited with inventing both the purpose-made BMX number plate AND, in a very-real way, the art and sport of BMX Freestyle (after racing for a good-long time). You knew that, right?

Here’s what Bob told News, via a statement:

This release is based on the timeless Hawaiian Aloha shirts. Perfect for any BBQ, party or BMX reunion. Each BHD Aloha button down features my classic illustrations or freestyle images.

All garments are made with breathable and lightweight poly-cotton fabric with bold sublimated graphics and shirts feature a soft-touch hand for lasting wearability.

Shirts include a single front pocket, 6-button placard and accent red Rider Icon loop label.

Bob Haro Designs Aloha Hawaiian Shirt (Back)

Bob Haro Designs Aloha Hawaiian Shirt (Back)

If your social game is on-point, you’ll be rockin’ one of these at the next BMX gathering, awards banquet, at the upcoming Interbike show, or up-front, in seat 1A, on the way to the next race (flight attendants always treat the well-dressed better than the others, don’t-ya-know).

Shipping now from Bob Haro Designs in sunny Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA.


Bob Haro Designs “Aloha” Shirt