A Tribute to Ron Strieby

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Ron Strieby Tribute
By Carley Young

Being a BMX dad is always about being more than just a father to your own children. The best BMX dads are there for all of us, when we need them most. Ron Strieby was a BMX dad who loved meeting his kids’ friends, and sharing BMX stories.

When I first met Ron, I was on a road trip with a bunch of BMXicans on the Stile Man crew. After we ate dinner he pulled me aside and took a few minutes to get to know me more. He was very interested in learning about our adventures on the road and was very open to sharing stories of the BMX dream. He was a very compassionate man and it made sense when I met him why the Strieby family was so awesomely-unique.

As a BMX racer, you may only know Nathan and Brian Strieby, but they have three other siblings. Adam was more into BMX freestyle, Luke is a talented musician and Judith is an amazing photographer and writer.

If you know the Strieby family, and have been to their BMX compound, it’s an experience you will never forget. A huge house with trails out-back, and plenty of spaces for visitors to park. There was always something going down at the house; and their family is so talented in so many different ways. You always learned something new after spending a night at their house.

Receiving the news that Ron was killed is devastating. He was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle in town, on his 70th birthday, no less. While police are still looking for the hit-and-run driver, the family is empty with the loss of a great man who gave their family and indeed, our sport, so much joy. Below is a link with details on the hit and run.

The best thing we can do as a BMX community is share the good times Ron brought to our lives. I’m thankful for the times I got to know him, and to better understand the roots of the Strieby family.

*UPDATE* The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department has made an arrest in this case, following a tip from a member of the community. The suspect is 22-year old Skyler Kuta, who now faces a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death.

Here are some things riders who knew Ron said, upon learning of his death:

Scott Yoquelet:
When I was 12 or 13, I spent my first night at the Strieby home. We spent the night under the stars around a campfire telling stories. The boys were telling me a story about local folklore about a corn hucking lunatic! (I didn’t see Ron sneak into the corn field, 50 feet away, from said camp fire.) All of the sudden, corn starts flying in, and initially I freak out. They laughed, knowing the whole time what was going on! LOL. This is one of the great memories I have had with the “Strieby juice” compound! I love all you Strieby’s, and Ron, thanks for all you did for everyone you were around! RIP!

Susie LeVan:
I’ll always remember him yelling for one of you guys in Evansville, racing Jimmy in superclass and saying “beat that loudmouth LeVan kid!” And he was right, Jimmy was a loudmouth. That’s my best Papa Strieby story. Karen Manning LeVan and I were laughing hysterically.

Eric Halferty:
When I was 17, I went on my first official BMX road trip. The summer before, I had met the Strieby family. Mr Strieby drove a van-load of Strieby boys and a smart-mouth crew to Chicago for the B.S contest. On the drive, he pointed out all the wooded areas where he liked to trap. On the late-night drive home, he woke us up as he was driving. It was great! He made little hand gestures in front of his face to wake himself. We laughed and stayed awake to talk to him the rest of the way home. He always had a story about the land around him. I always tried to listen. Tonight my heart breaks for the family. I can not even begin to express how great they have been to me and a lot of my friends. Thank you, Papa Strieby. You will definitely be missed.

Matt McClurg:
I was up at the Strieby house with Scott, when Ron scared the hell out of both of us. He was a great father and would always step up to help anyone in need. I was really sorry to hear the news and also wanted to thank the Strieby family for everything, from when we were younger, and to also let the whole family know he was a great man that left a positive impact on me and many other people.

Rich Hope:
Ron Strieby was a man who entertained me and had me laughing and wondering, simultaneously, at times, with some of the stories that came out of his mouth. Throughout my youth, visiting the Strieby compound will never be forgotten. I have so many amazing memories with Ron and all the Striebys over all of my years. Memories of all the boys sleeping underneath their van during a downpour at a race in Waterford Oaks Michigan, while the girls and young Luke, were inside, keeping dry.


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UPDATED 9/14/18 at 12:04 Central Time
Suspect In Custody After Hit & Run

Thank you for reading.

—Carley Young