2019 Mongoose Title Complete Bikes

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2019 Mongoose Title Complete BMX Race Bike

One of the big gaps in the availability of BMX bikes has been the availability of a solid, sub-$300 complete bike for tracks to utilize as loaners and Beginners to use as their first bike, after a track loaner.

Mongoose bicycles is back in the racing game (as reported by News on June 6, 2017), and has seen big success with their “Title” line of complete bikes.

The Title line came into its own with the 2017 model year, and booked some great sales numbers in the 2018 model year—just as demand from the all-Beginner BMX Racing League was ramping up.

BMX News tested the 2018 model for over a year, taking it to dozens of League sessions, new rider “open house” events and general around the neighborhood riding. We can tell you, with great enthusiasm, that the bike took all the punishment the beginners doled out, and was ready for more.

For 2019, the Title is back, with a new colorway for the completes—a nice deep blue–plus an “elite” version in white that has upgraded components (chromoly fork and sealed bearing hubs and chromoly handlebars), but basically the same frame as its entry level sibling. News will be covering the Elite in a future Product Spotlight.

WARNING! We have seen the postings of Factory Dads, keyboard warriors and self-described purists on social media, unfairly criticizing these bikes, comparing them to custom-built bikes a top expert might ride, with carbon and titanium all-around. If you’re making that kind of comparison, let us encourage you to move on to the “titanium Disneyland” page; there’s nothing to see here.

For the rest of us, the Title completes offer a great starter bike for an unbelievably-reasonable price ($249.99 for Micro through Expert, and $269.99 for Pro through 24). Even if you were to buy the bike for $269 and ditch ALL of the components (which, admittedly, you would never do), you’d still have a heckofa good frame (3.1lbs for the pro size) for the money.

In the case of the Complete bike, we have seen Beginner families begin to upgrade their rider’s Title complete once s/he hits the Novice class–generally upgrading to some Answer or Box Carbon forks as a starting point. Intermediates usually get new cranks, wheels, and pedals–but the frame and other components remain.

The 2019 Mongoose Title Complete is available in eight sizes (Micro, Mini, Junior, Expert, Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL and Pro 24). The photo above shows the Expert size–one of the four we purchased for loaners at our track.

Check out the link below for full specs


Mongoose Title Complete BMX Race Bikes – Specs