Tech Tip: Tightening Your Stem Bolts

August 14, 2018 by  

Box Tech Tips: Stem Bolts
This week in the Box Tech Tips series, Tyler Brown takes us through a bike maintenance step that every whip-wrencher should know: tightening the stem bolts properly. It’s easy to think “heck, just cinch ‘em up, and send the kid out there,” but THAT is where the “tips” part of “tech tips” comes in.

Let’s go to the tape:

It’s not just pros like TB who need to observe the star-pattern torque-down. We learned last week that this applies to ANY bolt pattern where there are multiples on all sides (chainrings, in that case, stem bolts here).

Cinching-up the stem is all-important to your rider’s success; without the proper procedure, those bars are liable to kink-forward or backward just when your rider is giving them a hulking pull, or a full-english push on the backside. Thanks to TB for the tip!


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