Tech Tips: Don’t Break Your Brakes

June 19, 2018 by  

Box Tech Tips: Brake Adjustment

Yes, it’s true that you won’t win races by slowing down, but you also don’t avoid that dude’s back wheel when setting up the high low, without a little dive-conscious tap on the lever for pinpoint clearance. Then, it’s all sunlight upfront, straight on to the stripe.

This week in the Box Tech Tips series, Tyler Brown takes us through dialing in your calipers, Cali style.

There are three videos to this part of the series: Replacing and installing new brake pads, adjusting your V Brake arms and Adjusting brake pads.

Installing new brake pads

Adjusting the V-Brake Arms

Adjusting the Brake Pads

You should be checking the free-rolling motion of your back wheel every-so-often, because if your brakes are rubbing, you have an onboard drag-devil slowing you down. But, as Tyler just demonstrated, a few turns of the ol Allen wrench, and some proper maintenance, and you’re rollin smooth, in perpetuity.


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