Southwest Gives Sam and Alise the LUV

June 5, 2018 by  

Sam and Alise Willoughby on the cover of Southwest Magazine

A ton of BMXers fly Southwest Airlines, multiple times each year, to one race or another. Southwest Magazine, their in-flight publication, is a great way to keep yourself occupied and entertained.

That will be especially-so during the month of June, when you’ll sit down in a comfy seat, pull the issue out of the seatpocket in front of you, and be greeted by a pair of smiling faces we all know and love.

As shown above, the cover of the June issue features Sam and Alise Willoughby, as well as a deep-dive article by writer Tony Rehagen, who takes us inside on their respective racing careers (complete with some laughs on the differences between their training regimens in the early days) and the genesis of their storybook romance.

If you’re not flying this month, give the article a read at the link below. If you are flying SWA, hold off til you have a nice block of time to enjoy it. Who knows? If you ask nicely, the flight atendant might even let you stuff the issue into your bag to get some autographs at an upcoming race.

—Mike Carruth


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