Make a Date With Your Plate

June 4, 2018 by  

Box Tech Tips: Number Plate Decal

This week, in the Box Tech Tips series, Tyler Brown covers the often-onerous task of applying a new cover decal to your number plate. The techniques demonstrated can also be used for applying numbers or any other decal to the surface.

Box Brand Manager, Phil Maxwell gives us a little backstory into why this tech tip is especially important for users of the box “chrome” series plates (as used in the video).

I get calls and or emails about people removing the factory installed background to put on a custom decal. On the regular plates this is not an issue BUT on our Chrome Series Plates, this is an issue. When you pull the decal, the chrome has a tendency to lift, ruining the finish. I suggest to people to just go over the installed decal and NOT mess with it. This application doesn’t change the appearance of your custom decal and preserves the integrity of the plate/finish!

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