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June 5, 2018 by  

Answer BMX Side Plates

The deadline for all USA BMX national racers to have side plates installed on their race bikes is rapidly approaching. By July 1, if you’re not rockin that well-earned number up-front and on the side, things get ugly for you, and gum-up race day unnecessarily.

Don’t be one of those fools who knew about it months (or at least weeks) in advance, didn’t act on the intel, and got caught on the backorder list. Answer BMX is giving you a shot to get it done in a few minutes, shipped right to your house–no hunting around at the last minute, no waiting in line at the trackside vendor so you get get your practice in.

So it’s clear: Here is the USA BMX rulebook entry on side plates

9. Beginning July of 2018, riders will be required to use side
plates at National Events only. This will assist stagers, starter
and scorers. The July start date will give number plate
manufacturers time to stock up on side plates in advance of
this requirement going into effect.

10. The side number-plate/sticker must be located (laterally)
just behind the steer tube.

• Minimum area for numbers is 2.95” (75mm) High X
4.75” (120mm) Wide.

• Background must be white, clear of all logos and must
display only black bike number(s).

• Placed at the front triangle touching the head tube.

• Must include both sides of the frame.

• Must have room for up to three (3) numbers.

That’s right, no grey, black, red or yellow backgrounds on the side plates. Answer BMX has you covered on all the rest of the technical requirements.

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