Derby City Nats Get First 2020 Points

May 1, 2018 by  

Derby City BMX - Louisville, KY

USA BMX announced late last week that the pro schedule at the Derby City Nationals over Labor Day weekend will be changed from Friday/Saturday to Saturday/Sunday. Derby City is a three-day national that runs August 31, September 1 and September 2.

As News reported on April 18, qualification points for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics start on September 1, so USA BMX was able to get the schedule changed in order to host the very-first qualification event of the 2020 Olympic cycle. Very nice, guys!

The change covers all Pro racing (A-Pro, Vet Pro, and Elite Men and Women). On Friday, there will be a Pro Open, running off the small hill.

In the two previous cycles, the United States had the most qualification races, as part of the USA BMX Pro Series and North American Supercross series. The table is set for the same to occur as part of the 2020 Olympic qualifying cycle (which runs from September 1, 2018 to June 1, 2020).

That means riders of all nations have a big incentive to come race in the USA to earn the most points for themselves and their country. THAT means better pro action here than anywhere else. And, of course, a wide-open opportunity for Team USA riders to mix it up with the best competition, and to cash in on the points race via consistent podium finishes. Hard not to LOVE that.

The Derby City change has the added bonus of putting the pros back on their traditional Saturday/Sunday schedule for the first time in a while. No secret that we are HUGE fans of the Sat/Sun schedule, when the most fans are in the house to see our best riders ply their trade. Who knows? Maybe this will effect a change in the program for the 2019 schedule, back to Sat/Sun.

We can only hope.

—Mike Carruth