Box “Tech Tips” Series Starts Today

May 7, 2018 by  

Box Components Tech Tips

Box Components and Box Rider Tyler Brown are out today with the first in a series of short “tech tips” videos to help the less mecnanically-savvy among us to spin the wrenches better. The videos in this series are perfect for parents who want to learn a little more about how the components on the race bike go together, and how to self serve when something goes wrong and there is no track vendor around to fix it.

If you’re a seasoned mechanic, chances are these may be a bit basic for your level, but it’s always cool to see how another guy ends up with the same result.

First in the series is a nice one on replacing your chain. Measure twice, cut once and master the art of the master link clip.

Look for episode 2 next Monday, and each Monday thereafter, right here on BMX News.


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