Box Hex Lab Mini Bars & Stem

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Box Components Hex Lab mini Bars and Stem

Strong, light and ready to do it right is the baked-in performance profile of the Box Hex Lab Mini Carbon Bar and Stem Combo. Box Components has SIX levels of performance in their product lineup (Box 5-1, then Hex Lab, which stands above the rest as “race specific,” see legend below).

Box Components Product Legend

Today, we’re taking a look at the Hex Lab carbon bar & stem combo. They are separate components, but one requires the other, so…

Investing in the front end of the bike is money wisely-invested, both for stiffness and for weight savings. Your mini machine will be double-dialed with the carbon bar and Hex Lab stem combo.

The bars are so trick-looking that it’s almost a sin to bury them behind a number plate (but it IS a sin not to run that plate EVERY time you’re at the track).

It’s an oversized 28.6mm clamping area on the bars that gives the stem a bigger bite. Two versions (4.5″ rise and 6″ rise) cover the full range of pint-sized pedal plonkers (up to 100lbs). The bars tip the scales at 7.2oz and 11.4oz, respectively.

On the stem side of things, there are four colors to choose from (Black, Blue, Gold and Red), in 40mm and 45mm reach (for 1-inch forks).

The Box crew gave News some backstory on how this dynamic duo came to be,

When Box first introduced the OS Chromoly handlebars, improved stiffness and performance were the main goals, utilizing Mountain Bike technology as a crossover medium.

As the OS Chromoly handlebars were developed and started to gain traction around the tracks, Mr. Henderson and the design team started to think about whether the oversized technology could cross over to the 22.2mm market? Again, the rationale drew upon MTB for inspiration.

So we started to look at the mini market, specifically Carbon and Alloy bars. In this segment, we noticed with the younger riders having issues with overtightening there stems. This caused bars to slip due to crushing and/or damaging the carbon weave and eventually breaking.

The design team did not see the same issues on MTB Handlebars as they did/do in BMX. Why? We discovered the Oversized clamping area spread the torque load better and made for a cleaner, stiffer fit.

Box is the first to design a kid-specific Oversized Handlebar with all the performance benefits of it Oversized Chromoly Cousin but in Carbon Fiber and slightly smaller clamping area (28.6mm) for weight savings.

The stem was developed around the 28.6mm handlebar to match performance, stiffness and maximum power transfer.

All this beefy bite and scale savings will take a couple grams off your wallet, too*, but performance is always pricey. Still, it ain’t SO bad, with the bars at $129.99 and the stem at $79.99 MSRP.

*$100 bills weigh about a gram, apiece.

Grab some up direct from the Box Components website (links below), or your favorite local dealer. If you are buying from the Box site, you need to create an account first before you can “add to cart.”

While you’re there, check out the rest of the Box Components lineup. Some tasty morsels up there.


Box Hex Lab OS Carbon Handlebar

Box Hex Lab Mini 28.6 Stem

Box Components Hex Lab mini Bars and Stem