Get a Grip!

March 8, 2018 by  

Alienation Moto Grips
In fact, you’ll get two, when you upgrade to some Moto Grips by Alienation. That first straight pull you’re lookin for? It may just require you to get a little closer to your scoot, and we don’t mean a long sunset ride at the beach and a rebuild.

Nosiree, the ulra-thin Moto Grips put your hands closer to hurry-up than what you’re running at-present. Plus, it has some gnarly knurling for gloved or no glove grippage.

They lock-on, so there is little risk of a spontaneous one-hander as you’re styling-it-up over the finishline jump.

Available in Black and Red, with black bar ends.

Not for nuthin, but a sunset ride with your race scoot and your main squeeze is never a bad idea, it’s just not the solution for this.


Alienation Moto Grips on J&R Bicycles