Box Fork Line All-New For 2018

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2018 Box Carbon Fork Line
Without question, Box Components has one of the most popular carbon forks in the BMX marketplace. Since the day they first hit the shelves, you have seen them on board with the fastest go-getters in the game.

For 2018, Box head honcho, Toby Henderson, tells us that the fork line is relaunching with new materials, updated engineering and the same go-fast look of the X series we have all grown to know and love.

Here’s what he said:

With the competition growing in the carbon BMX fork market, Box had to respond.

Our new 2018 fork line is a result of hard work, new tooling and a patent pending steer tube interface.

Our new manufacturing capabilities include the use of pre-preg carbon fiber sheets, allowing for a stronger and lighter product.

The new line will also include a newly-engineered stem lock and 20mm-to-10mm adaptors with all 20mm drop out models.

I am pretty proud of our team here at Box, and hope BMX News readers will give the new line of Box Carbon Forks a fresh look.

In addition to an alloy steer tube, Box is also offering a chromoly steer tube in both 20″ and 24″. The alloy steer tube will come in both straight (1″ and 1-1/8″) and 1.5″ tapered. Chromo is 1-1/8 only, with 20mm dropouts.

The full line will come with the aforementioned new stem lock. All 20mm forks are sold with 10mm adapters for thread-in hubs.

With the re-engineered crown-to-steer tube interface, the days of “twist and shout” are over, ensuring a tight and twist-free connection between these two essential pieces of the proverbial puzzle.

Dropouts are cold-forged 6000-series alloy.

Price-wise, they’re in the sweet spot for immediate addition to your new-and-improved 2018 speed machine.

Here are the Suggested Retail Prices

Box XS w/10mm dropouts (Mini size) – $329.99
Box XE w/10mm dropouts (Expert size) – $329.99*
Box XL w/10mm dropouts (Pro size) – $329.99*

Box X2 w/20mm dropouts and chromo steer tube (Pro size) – $349.99*

Box X5 w/20mm dropouts (Pro size) – $379.99*

*Available in 20″ and 24″ sizes.

We know we don’t have to spoon-feed you all the reasons the 2018 Box forks are the way to go for your lead-rider plans this season. Check the Box website (link below) for the full tech specs.


Box Components Website

2018 Box Carbon Fork Line