Kyle Gress is Back With “Smart & Vinyl”

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Kyle Gress Smart & Vinyl
BMX News has been covering the entrepreneurial career of Kyle Gress for many years. As a co-founder of KWEGCO chains, with his late father, Brian, Kyle has been involved in the BMX industry for a good-long time.

Following the untimely death of Brian while attending the 2011 ABA Grands, the family struggled to keep KWEGCO going in the wake of the tragedy. In April of 2014, Kyle worked to restart the brand.

This month, Kyle is back on the BMX News radar with a new venture, Smart & Vinyl, a custom-cut vinyl service.

Here’s what Kyle told News about the new company:

Smart and Vinyl was born after my fiancé, Brittany, and I had our son, Maverick. With the cost of living in California so high, plus the cost of child care, we developed a plan to make it work for our family.

A child’s first year of life is the most important bonding time, as well as being filled with firsts. We both felt it wouldn’t be worth it to leave Maverick in daycare while we work to hardly get-by in this tough economy.

So I talked my fiancé into starting this business. She is artsy and creative and I knew this would suit her skillset very well, and it has.

Those who know me know I’ve always been heavily involved with BMX whether I’m racing or not. With KWEGCO chains and Indie Components, I also have a history making custom jerseys for many top pros and teams.

So I figured it would be the perfect fit for the BMX community, because what makes a kid more excited than seeing their name on their jersey? It makes them feel like this is something that is their identity and belongs to them.

With all of that said, Smart and Vinyl offers just about anything die cut you could dream of from mugs to hats to stickers, shirts, glasses to yes, you guessed it, BMX Jersey ID’s.

We can even put your logo on the Jersey. Send us your idea and most items will be made same day.

All items will be cut and printed in one-color die cut vinyl, then pressed directly onto your jersey. We promise durability with all jerseys custom made. Send us your jerseys today to get your order started!

Everything is custom made to order! For custom Jersey ID’s please send us an email at and check out our website at

Find us on instagram @smartandvinyl

This is a great story of ongoing BMX entrepreneurship.

Check out the link below to learn more about getting your jersey personalized by Kyle and Smart & Vinyl.


Smart & Vinyl Website