Podcast: BMX Racing League Update

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Podcast on the BMX Racing League

For the past eight months, BMX Racing League has been testing and proving-out the concept of a Beginners-only program for new families coming into BMX Racing, with great success. The League sets up a program where families pay a single entry fee, which includes five sessions of instruction, five races, a League jersey, number plate, season-end award and pizza party on the last day. All participants are USA BMX “trial” members, which sets-the-stage for them to eventually join the “Open Racing” program at the local track (AKA the regular local program).

In this, the 139th episode of the Announcers Tower Podcast, Donny Robinson fills-us-in on the details of the League, as well as his success at his own local track, North bay BMX in Napa, CA.

This episode is unique, among the other episodes, in that I, as host of the program, act as both host, and somewhat of a “co-guest,” since I also ran three “test seasons” of the League program at one of my local tracks, Steel Wheels BMX in Hobart, IN.

The reason we decided to do this show is because Track Operators, industry-folk, and many BMX families interested in growing the sport have sent-in questions—to BMX News, to Donny, and via the BMX Racing League Facebook Page (link below).

Donny answered as many of those questions, individually, as he could, but a central place to hear about the program, and its nuances, will help a broader-audience understand the scope of the program, and (hopefully) spur-on deeper discussion, as the program wends its way through to a larger rollout.

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It was a lot of fun doing this episode. There is SO much more to say, but both Donny and I really enjoyed sharing our experience with the League, and the details surrounding how it all works, and why.

If you are an interested Track Operator who knows that Beginner programming is needed, reach out to Donny ( to get on the list of tracks that will be among the first to be trained in running the BMX Racing League program–according to the “recipe.”

If you’re NOT a track operator, but know this program will be a game-changer for your local scene, contact Donny as well. The position of “League Coordinator” is open, and ready for you to fill.

—Mike Carruth


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Podcast on the BMX Racing League