Official: Alise Post Will Ride a GW

March 24, 2017 by  

Alise Post GW Bicycles

In a week otherwise laced with the standard fare of Facebook BMXer bellyaching, geopolitical pablum and working for the weekend, Alise Post brought some sunshine to social. The BMX community was watching, as Alise released a tasty teaser on Tuesday, depicting a shadowed BMX bike, under the headline “New Bicycle.”

That image set the wires on fire, with speculation of every-sort, being offered by riders, parents, grandparents and people long departed from the BMX scene–all climbing on to take a ride on the speculation train.

Wednesday morning, Colombian bike brand, GW posted a similarly-styled teaser to the one Alise had posted, but this one said “New Rider,” with a silhouette of a rider’s head and shoulders, backed-up with red white & blue stripes.

Well, the cat was pretty much out of the bag from there but, still, the speculation ran strong. Folks were convinced it was some kind of misdirection campaign, and one even surmising that hackers got into GW’s Facebook account, and posted the “New Rider” image (gotta love the conspiracy theorists).

Well, Friday, as the East Coast was sitting down to lunch, the official word came forth, via the image above, that Alise and GW had, in fact joined forces. The new rallying hashtag of #bepartofus is present on Alise’s FB and Instagram posts, as well as on the GW Bicycles FB page.

For us here in the US, GW is a mystery brand. We know Mariana rides one, but that’s about it. We don’t know who’s behind it, where to buy one, or the sizes and colors available in the US. Someone asked “what does ‘GW’ stand for?” Good question. We keep thinking of another ‘GW’ when we hear those initials mentioned– GW Bush (for better or worse).

We’re fairly-sure that, with a high-horsepower, high-starpower player like AP11 in the house, GW will make the necessary moves to maximize their new partnership.

Today, it is all confetti, noisemakers and streamers, as we wish Alise and GW all the best in getting 2017 going strong. Next likely stop: Rock Hill, SC next week.

—Mike Carruth