Podcast: Steve Spencer Talks GT 2017

February 3, 2017 by  

Podcast: Steve Spencer of GT BMX

Since the Grands, we have been watching for signals from the GT tent as to what their on track forces would look like for 2017. To this point, there have been some indirect indications that the team would live-on, even amid rumors to the contrary.

Well, we’re please to put all the rumors to bed, and bring you the straight story on all-things GT BMX for 2017. Joining us on this episode of the BMX News Announcers Tower Podcast is Steve Spencer, GT Bicycles Sports Marketing Manager for BMX and MTB. Steve is also a familiar face at the BMX track, as a key player at Rad Canyon (indoor and outdoor) in Utah—which is one of the top attendance tracks in the US of A.

Once the GT tales are told, this show goes into a “state of the sport” discussion, in which we hear Steve’s learned opinions on the subject of pros, BMX Racing grassroots, and national riders racing locals. It’s quite an episode, and we know you’ll enjoy it.

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A big thanks to Steve, and GT Bicycles for bringing BMX News readers and listeners the straight story, directly, without us having to read about it in the nooks and crannies of someone’s social media profile.

—Mike Carruth