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BMX News Sam Willoughby Update - Jan 2017

It’s been a while since we passed-along an update to BMX News readers on the progress Sam Willoughby is making in his recovery after a tragic injury during a routine practice session in September 2016.

Sam was surrounded by friends and family as he made a triumphant, New Years Eve return to his home in San Diego, CA, after several weeks at Craig Hospital, a Rehabilitation facility in Englewood, Colorado.

Since then, Sam has set up a fully-equipt, specialty home gym just for his physical rehab work.

BMX Australia posted the following release on Tuesday, which fills in some of the details of Sam’s progress since our last update.

Australian BMX rider Sam Willoughby commenced his 2017 by returning to his home in San Diego to continue his road to recovery from serious spinal injury.

In September, the dual Olympian suffered a major spinal injury during a training crash at the USOC BMX facility at Chula Vista in California. In October, he was moved to Craig Hospital in Colorado for intense specific SCI rehabilitation.

In great news for his progress, Willoughby has now moved back to his home with fiancé Alise Post and has commenced home therapy that continues to result in small gains in sensation and function.

Cycling Australia and BMX Australia encourages donations, great or small, and any message of support to assist in Sam remaining strong throughout his road to recovery.

Visit to offer support, both through financial assistance and messages for Sam, and can also keep up to date with Sam’s progress.

Willoughby’s fiancé and 2016 Rio Olympic BMX silver medallist Alise Post has provided this update;

Sam left Denver Rehab Hospital on New Year’s Eve, and arrived home in San Diego to a Welcome Home Party with friends and family to bring in the New Year.

Since the accident, we have undertaken considerable construction at our home to ensure Sam’s recovery continues smoothly, with the final finishes to the lift and bathroom construction being made.

In great news, the home therapy room is getting close to finished, and we have most of the equipment necessary now including the FES Bike, Standing Frame, Total Gym, Electric Mat Table along with various bands, med balls, dumbbells, and hand therapy equipment.

We would like to take the time to thank everyone who has supported through Sam’s Road 2 Recovery Fund, as these modifications around our home have been made largely thanks to the combined effort between the insurance and the fund donations.

These changes to our house enabled Sam to begin therapy straight away on January 2 and he really enjoys working with his therapist at home in a one on one personalised setting.

Sam continues to see small gains in sensation and function, which leaves him encouraged to keep working in this setting for as long as needed and striving for more and every therapy session.

He continues to show daily motivation to get better and work his hardest, leaving no stones unturned. He repeatedly needs to be told how important rest is too!

Over the course of the month, Sam has been busy sourcing out his personal San Diego team of service providers for different therapy and recovery techniques and he is happy with that progress.

Since the month has progressed, being home with friends visiting and his dog Mila has been very therapeutic for Sam.

He is also looking forward to seeing his brother again soon and meeting his nephew for the first time in the coming weeks!

On behalf of Sam and all his family and friends, we would like to thank everyone for the continued support. We are grateful for the overwhelming support we have received, as we understand not everyone may have the same amazing backing in times like this.

To follow along and show your support of Sam’s Road 2 Recovery, make sure to search and tag the hashtag #strengthfor91

Here is a video Alise uploaded to her Instagram feed, showing the moment Sam came through the door, after almost four months away.

Sam’s Road2Recovery fund is close to the $250,000 goal, but he still needs our help to get him over the finish line. Use the link below to give what you can. Every dollar helps!

—Mike Carruth


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