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December 28, 2015 by  

Engaged: Sam Willoughby and Alise Post

This just in over the BMX News “Big Ears” ticker: Long Time BF/GF BMX power couple Sam Willoughby and Alise Post are engaged to be married. Sam popped the question on what appeared to be a waterfront stroll in beautiful San Diego Sunday afternoon.

Sam tweeted out the following this morning:

On a “picture is worth 1000 words” basis, it looks like Alise was surprised by the proposal–which is the best kind. It’s great seeing two of our friends so in love and so happy, and we wish them all the best in this new chapter of their lives together.

Behind the scenes: Sam enlisted the help of good buddy (and ace photographer) Derek Betcher to cook-up the surprise scheme. Here’s what DB told News

Sam and I collectively planned to fool her into a photo shoot “for Pull Magazine” on Coronado Island by telling her I wanted to shoot something different from the normal track side portraits. I might have been as nervous as he was because I had to lie to her face about the purpose of the shoot when she arrived, without cracking a smile. I was really froze out during the first few shots before he hit her with the question, but then once he popped the question it was all good.

She jokingly commented that it felt like an engagement photoshoot, and will be good practice for when Sam decides to propose. Seconds later he did, and at first she thought it was a joke I think until she saw the ring.

Engaged: Sam Willoughby and Alise PostAbove is the photo from seconds before the proposal, she still really had no idea why she was there, and I think we were all just laughing at this point to make it less awkward.

Engaged: Sam Willoughby and Alise Post
No word yet on when/where the nuptials will take place, but were sure it will be mindful of the racing schedule.

—Mike Carruth (photos courtesy of Derek Betcher, via Facebook)


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