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Photo Galleries from the 2015 Super Nationals

After a perfect-weather weekend of racing in Desoto, Texas, BMX News is Google-Mapping our way back to Chicago today, capping-off a 12-day road trip that also included the Carolina Nationals in Rock Hill.

We used the extra time between the end of the race and lights out to get all our photos from the weekend processed and posted. So, in the meantime, before our normal Tuesday race recap is posted, we thought you’d like to see the galleries first thing, instead of waiting for the recap.

As a preview to tomorrow’s recap, we give you the top photo. Amanda Carr had a strong first straight, and escaped the carnage when Dani George washed out in turn one. She led it into turn two, until this moment, when Kristen Bob scooted under her, and effected the pass. You can see Kelsey Van Ogle in third, with eyes on the prize, setting up the third straight. Kristen and Kelsey would battle bar to bar down the last straight, to the stripe. Who won? We’ll give you a hint: her name starts with “K.” You’ll find the podium shots in the Saturday gallery.

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BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Beyond the Elite racing, Desoto had a ton of hot amateur racing on the smooth-as-glass Metroplex track. There were a lot of surprise finishes, wash-outs, come-from-behind-in-the-semis moves and holding the line against tough competition.

Thanks for checking out the galleries today. Be sure to stop back tomorrow at Noon Central time for the Super Nationals Recap.


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