Will “Gaiters” Come Back to BMX?

September 22, 2014 by  

USA Cycling Arm Warmers, by Cuore

We spied these little beauties on the USA Cycling section of the Cuore Apparel website. We’ve seen arm warmers before, obviously…most recently at Interbike a couple weeks ago. But, this being Hall Of Fame week and all, we were reminded of the leg “gaiter” trend in the 80s, and got to thinking maybe it could happen again, but up-top.

Whether it was Max, JT, Gold Line, or some of the “garage brands” that popped up (we had “Laser” in Chicago), the gaiter craze was with us for about 18 months, before it ran its course.

So, who will be the first to rock these Team USA arm warmers with some G-Forms underneath in an upcoming BMX moto or main? With the 2015 season upon us, will changing sleeves between first round and the main become a thing?

Good taste would say “no.” But then again, we all said that about gaiters in 1982, before buying a pair ($17.50/pr, via the JT ad in BMXA).

The 2014 arm-version will set you back $35, plus shipping (link below, just in case). While you’re there, check out some of the other cool Team USA apparel. USA Cycling says BMX jerseys will be added in 2015.


Team USA Arm Warmers on Cuore Apparel