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BOX Components Glide Headset

When it’s time to put a gold crown on the head(tube) of your racing steed, look no further than the BOX “Glide” integrated headset. The “gold” in this case is a titanium nitride coating that gives the Glide headset it’s…well…glide. That slick bearing tech will be hidden under a slick-looking carbon fiber upper bearing cap that plusses-up the primoization of all you have going on.

We’re always seeking the inside story on how products make their way from ideas, to the J&R shelves. News talked to Michael Gamstetter, Senior Product Designer at BOX Components, and one of the main dudes doing the doodling on the drawingboard for the Glide headset. Here’s what he said:

The titanium nitride coating on the bearings is a big improvement in corrosion resistance and a reduction of bearing friction. Most headsets come with bearings encased in steel. Steel rusts.

The Glide’s slippery custom-coated bearings are far more resistant to rust and corrosion than standard bearings. The expander plug in the Glide makes it the only BMX headset available for carbon steer tubes (Pro tip: never use a star nut in a carbon steer tube).

The expander plug also works with aluminum and chromoly steer tubes, however. If you prefer stem locks, as many riders do, the Glide also can be used with the Promax stem lock.

Perhaps the coolest (and most visible) thing about the Glide is the carbon top cap. It’s 100 percent carbon with an integrated dust seal. Is it technically superior? Not really. But it sure looks good.

The CNC-machined top cap is available in four anodized colors (black, red, blue and gold). That rides on top of the carbon cap, and gives a splash of color to the thing.

Shipping now from J&R at $99.95. BMX News readers can use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off the Glide headset and anything else you’d like to add with it.

As this old-favorite song from the 80s said “The sky’s the limit…This time I’m switchin’ to Glide!”

While we’re at it, we have to give Michael and the BOX Components team big props for winning the Interbike “BMX Product Innovation of the Year” award for the BOX Delta Stem & Maximus Bars.


BOX Components Glide Headset on J&R Bicycles

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