Oldsmar Making Progress on Dual-Hill Build

September 23, 2014 by  

Oldsmar BMX Artist Rendering

One of the cool things about Interbike is that you get to get to see and hang out with friends you rarely get to hang out with. Case in point: stopping by the Answer BMX booth, we got to have a chat with John Sawyer. Naturally, we talked about all the newest and truest with regard to Answer and Ssquared, but we also got to lay our glims on the above artist’s rendering of the forthcoming, super-sized, Oldsmar BMX Park (click for full-size image in a new window).

On June 6 of this year, I sat down with John to talk about the master plan for the site. At that time, we had a demarcation line that showed the footprint of the new build, but now we are seeing details filled in, as the start of construction nears.

From the layout, we can see what John told us in the Podcast, the orientation of the track has changed to run parallel to Tampa road, and the new dual starting hills/staging will be roughly positioned on the footprint of the current track.

We also see where the pump track (at top right, just off turn three in the full-size image) and dedicated Strider track (represented by a triangle behind the first straight stands) will go. With “three rings” of attraction (pump, BMX racing and Strider), John is putting the pieces in place to bring different kinds of riders out there–always a good thing.

Clearing land for the new Oldsmar BMX facility
We can see from the above photo posted on Facebook last week, that the ball field that was situated behind the current first straight has now been cleared. Some other facilities adjacent to the current staging area had been cleared earlier in the year. Soon enough, they’ll hit the pause button on their local racing schedule, and bring the dozers out to start the transformation.

BMX News will keep you up to date regularly as this awesome new facility takes shape.

Meanwhile, if you have not listened to the podcast from June 6, now would be a great time to do it.


Podcast with John Sawyer on Oldsmar BMX Supercross

—Mike Carruth