Podcast: John Sawyer on Oldsmar SX Facility

June 6, 2014 by  

Footprint on new Oldsmar BMX SX Facility

John Sawyer and the crew at Oldsmar BMX have distinguished themselves in hosting the Gator Nationals the past several years. That event has become one of the marquee events of the USA BMX National Series, and has been recognized by regional media and sports officials alike.

Four years ago, as it started to become clear that BMX Supercross was here to stay, and would be an important part of any facility where “progression” was one of the goals, John and the Oldsmar BMX board began putting plans in place to add a BMX SX track to their facility.

Such a move would require expanding the footprint of the existing facility, which would either require moving the whole shebang somewhere else, or annexing an adjacent ball field for the new track (which was the ultimate solution).

As the project inched its way through the governmental approval and funding process, seeing setbacks, and leaps forward, the plan was refined to keep pace with the current needs of riders and teams who will use the facility for training.

This week, the project received funding approval by Florida officials in Tallahassee, which will now make it possible for the earth movers and ground shakers to start making it happen.

For the full details on what they have planned, now that they have the funding to make the vision a reality, we invited John Sawyer to join us on this week’s episode of the Announcers Tower Podcast.

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The image above is from an aerial video shot after the 2013 Gator Nationals. The green outline represents approximately the new footprint for the facility.


Oldsmar By Air – BMX News March 16, 2013

Top image: Screen capture from a video posted by Rick Hayes and John Nicholson, via Vimeo