Podcast: Mike and Donny on Pedals 2 Medals

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Podcast: Mike Day and Donny Robinson on Pedals 2 Medals

Most of the top experts and pros do clinics throughout the year, both to promote their sponsors and to give back to the riders who aspire to one day be a top expert or pro.

All the riders we talk to who lead clinics talk about how great it is when they work with up & coming riders, and finally their teaching “connects.” The student gets it, and moves to the next stage of their journey from intermediate to expert, or from expert into the ranks of the “super experts.”

Mike Day and Donny Robinson have done a ton of clinics in their time–and have told News about that “boom” moment, when the rider is pushed beyond their comfort zone, and leaves the clinic with new moves they didn’t have when they pulled their bike off the rack that day.

The thing about live clinics is that, once you have passed out the goodie bags, and said “go get ‘em sport!,” the students tend to stay where they were on that day–or, worse yet, revert to their old behaviors.

To bring a constant state of coaching to the masses, Mike and Donny have come up with an idea to solve the day-to-day doldrums of “do-sprints, do-gates…and now what?”

We sat down with the Olympic Medalists to hear about their new venture, Pedals 2 Medals–which will bring videos, smartphone apps and direct-access to their 45 years of combined BMX Racing experience to anyone who wants to move their racing to the next level.

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That is some very exciting stuff these two stars have in store for us in the BMX Racing community. As they count down the days to launch, they have set up an email list, to which they will send a #winningwednesdays tip of the week. It’s a great chance to hear, straight from the Silver and Bronze medalists, how you can jump your game to the next level. Mike and Donny also tell News that members of the list will receive exclusive invites to participate in live Google Hangouts with them, for free, between now and launch.

Click the link below to visit the Pedals 2 Medals website, and join the WinningWednesdays email list.


Pedals 2 Medals Website