Tony Hoffman Blogs About Time at OTC

April 5, 2011 by  


Last month, BMX NEWS brought you a Podcast with Tony Hoffman. In the interview, Tony was very candid about getting back into BMX racing after rebuilding his life, following a series of bad decisions. These self-admittedly bad decisions ultimately landed him in a California prison for nearly two years.

It has now been a little more than two years since his two years inside prison walls were over, and Tony has done an impressive job of turning his life around.

To hear Tony tell it, his return to the righteous path has had its share of setbacks, personal doubt and confidence-building moments where he proved to himself that he COULD do what his remaining inner demons tried to convince him he could not. These moments would serve as a solid foundation on which to build all the tomorrows to come.

It was with this mental toughness and gusto that he showed up at the Athlete’s Entrance to the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista on March 28 for a five-day training camp with other Elites in the USAC Program.

In a five-post series, Tony, through his blog, takes us through the trepidation and reluctance of staring up the big hill for the first time (on the rider’s side of the fence), and ultimately to overcoming the obstacles that may have sent him packing on day two, but for his previous experience with tackling larger challenges.

It is a great read, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We held off in posting about it, so you could read all five posts in rapid succession.

Use this link to the first post. You’ll find the others in the Nav Bar.

You should make Tony’s blog a regular stop.