New “Pull” Holeshots at the So. Cal Nats

April 15, 2011 by  

Pull Magazine on BMX News

So there I was, chatting with Jason Carne$ in the Redline pit, about the upcoming “Flight School” Tour, when all of the sudden, a picture of Mike Redman was all I could see. Before I could adjust my eyes, another photo, looking like someone from Blue Man Group. Focusing in, it wasn’t a Blue Man at all, but Marc Willers in a Blue Man-Meets-KISS motif, riffing on his home country’s flag.

It was the new issue of Pull Magazine, enthusiastically presented by BA Anderson. The new issue indeed, had Redbone on the cover, and a very nice profile on the industry legend and famed announcer. Some great photos from the past 25 years packed in there. Page 31 starts the race coverage, with some very nice photo work by Jasen Krenek from the Super Nationals. Further in, you get some serious mind mechanics laid down by Dr. J. Rich. Good stuff.

But on Page 46, the whole thing gets turned upside down and is impossible to read.

…It gets much easier if you think “Down Under.” You know how the vortex in your sink is supposed to swirl down the drain in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere? Well close the magazine, flip it over, and you’re back in “discovery” mode of this month’s Pull.

On a “second cover,” we find the photo of Willers. Issue 02 “.5″ has an equally-compelling profile of Marc Willers to its counterpart of Redman on the flipside. Also, the Winternationals photospread, and a track profile on Cedar BMX in Pennsylvania. The balance is Track Directory and Points.

The issue is a quick and entertaining read, down to the red, white and blue staples holding it together (gotta love those little details!). Look for it in your mailbox soon!

—Mike Carruth