Podcast: Tony Hoffman’s Dramatic Ride

February 28, 2011 by  

Tony Hoffman on the Announcers Tower Podcast

Over the past 18 months or so, we have seen Tony Hoffman make a comeback on the track that has taken him from mid-pack in the A Pro class, to the AA semi at the recent ABA Gator Nationals–and the season is just getting started. Many of us are fans of his website,, where he pens thought-provoking articles, written from the riders’ point of view, as well as whip checks on the top Elite hardware on the track.

But for all the success and moving forward Tony has enjoyed recently, the road that got him back to the track was a tough one. It is a tale of life dreams gone off the rails, getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, making ill-conceived decisions, and ultimately ending up at the crossroads, as an inmate in a Central California prison.

In this episode of Announcers Tower, THoff says “my life is an open book.” Tony makes good his promise by answering some tough, pointed questions, taking us through the lowest lows, and how, through faith, he has rebooted his life.

He tells us about “Project Freewheel–” a Christian outreach program he started this past weekend in Fresno, CA, which uses BMX racing, and the laser-like focus required to succeed, as a means to head-off kids moving down the wrong path.

And, Tony puts his opinion to several questions facing the sport today.

Whether you regularly listen to Announcers Tower, or this is your first time, we know you will find Tony’s story as compelling as we did.

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We will be talking about the interview, and Tony will answer questions from listeners on the Vintage Forum.