Morphine Industries laying it down, baby! – ABA Dixieland Nationals

April 27, 2010 by  

Olijuwon Davis At the 2010 ABA Dixieland Nationals
By Jonathan Reeves, Photos: Mike Carruth/

THE ABA DIXIELAND NATIONALS— what comes to mind when you hear that? RAIN, rain, and more rain. But, for the first time in about 8 years, we had absolutely perfect weather, sun shining and highs in the 70′s, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. So with the weather finally on our side, and the track being better than at any time in the history of Powder Springs BMX, we knew this weekend was gonna be a good one.

Morphine Industries hit the Dixieland Nationals with only 3 riders, while the rest of the team was in Florida and Cali taking the weekend off from a gnarly spring racing schedule, DB100, OD, and J-Rev took it to the mean streets, the Burbs of Atlanta, to handle business.

Jason LaRev leads the Pro main on Saturday at the 2010 ABA Dixieland Nationals.  Photo by Mike Carruth,
A PRO – Jason LaRev made the 30-minute journey to the race track, still a little sore from Saturday nights activities down in Tampa the previous weekend. Jason didn’t know if he was going to be able to race or not. But after taping up the hand, he got his TCB on and topped the podium with a first place finish in A Pro on Saturday. Sunday, he hoped to follow it up with another victory, but a solid bonk down the first straight kept him off the box with a fourth place finish.

Doran Bradshaw ignites the afterburners in the fourth straight at the 2010 ABA Dixieland Nationals.  Photo by Mike Carruth,
36-40X – Doran Bradshaw had a killer weekend of racing by getting two third place finishes in one of the hardest classes of the weekend, 36-40 cruiser, then pulling a fourth place finish Saturday in the super stacked 36-40X. Unfortunately Sunday in 36-40X he wanted to get his freestyle on by doing a Front-Flip in the rhythm section, mid race. It didn’t turn out as planned, and ended up with the snowman, 8th place.

Olijuwon Davis rails into the last turn in the 19-27 Expert Main Event at the 2010 ABA Dixieland Nationals.  Photo by Mike Carruth,
19-27X – Olijuwon Davis made the long trek down from Chicago to show some of these East coast boys what Midwest pull is all about. And, in typical OD fashion, he didn’t disappoint. OD horsed the comp on his Haro race LT, and rode across the finish line victorious both days in 19-27x, bumping him up a few more spots in the 19-27x NAG standings. If you haven’t seen OD in action get to a track and check it out.