From UtahBMX.COM – Spy Vid of new GT Cruiser

October 18, 2009 by highlights reporting on BMX Racing News from
In the car biz, the best place to spot next year’s (or next several years’) hot new tech is in the cities and towns surrounding the “proving grounds” of the various automakers. In fact, auto media outlets often post undercover operatives to lurk around the diners and watering holes of towns like like Milford, MI (GM) and Yucca, Arizona (Chrysler), in hopes of getting some 411 on where and how to glimpse a new body style, or brilliantly-crazy new platform that is not ready for public eyes, and often, literally, shrouded in a veil of secrecy.

In BMX Racing, since 3800 acre test facilities are a rarity among manufacturers, you’re in the epicenter if you turn up at any one of the local tracks frequented by the factory few—the guys paid to design and test this stuff before it hits your favorite mail order or LBS.

Maybe it’s Lake Perris, where you might see the newest from Free Agent or Haro under guys like Maris Strombergs or Khalen Young, respectively. Or Apple Valley BMX in Victorville, CA, where Supercross BMX calls home. Maybe it’s Chandler or Black Mountain in Arizona where Bubba puts the new Answer stuff to the test.

But it is rare to turn up at a local race in Utah. Still, that’s where‘s Bruce Ritter caught up with GT Tech insider Steve Spencer, bikenapped the new Speed Series 24 proto he was test piloting, to give us an under-the-curtain look at what people like Big Daddy Eric Rupe and the new GT/SC Action Sports team’s cruiser stars will be aboard, come new year’s. Turns out it wasn’t much of a bikenapping, since Steve gives the audience a uniformed walk through later in the clip…but we thought we’d add in some dramatic license.

Steve Spencer talks to about the new GT Speed Series 24

Thanks to Bruce for going out there and getting the story, and Steve for being a willing accomplice. Be sure to keep an eye on both and for updates.