Arielle Martin Posts Blog on USAC’s Team USA Site

October 24, 2009 by reports on BMX Racing news with Arielle Martin's USA Cycling Blog
One of the things that makes the modern media and our Internet-everything culture so compelling, notwithstanding the latest “Balloon Boy” story, is that it brings all of us, as fans, closer to those we admire—including our favorite BMX Racers. USA Cycling has given a tip of the hat to that hunger for more, more, more on our favorite athletes by creating a space on their “” site for blogs, written by top USAC athletes.

The first of these blogs, relating to BMX Racing, belongs to Arielle Martin. In her first post, entitled “In the Beginning,” posted October 23, 2009, Arielle talks about her first race bike, how she progressed to this point of achievement, and how her Bronze at this year’s UCI World Championships has spurred her ambition for London 2012. 

It’s a great read, and we’re stoked that Arielle’s story and continued experience will take their place alongside all the other blogs of USA Cycling athletes. It is important that BMX Racing is represented among their USAC colleagues, and BMXNEWS looks forward to seeing similar blogs from other BMX athletes.

This is definitely one blog that BMXNEWS has bookmarked, and will be checking in on frequently. We encourage you to do the same.

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